1st PUC English Grammar Notes ‘DO’ Form Questions

You can Download 1st PUC English Grammar Notes ‘DO’ Form Questions, 1st PUC English Textbook Answers, Karnataka State Board Solutions help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes ‘DO’ Form Questions

Change the following sentences into questions beginning with the right form of ‘do’:

1. An elephant made a friendship with a man.
2. The hon replied in a noble voice.
3. The commission sat to take evidence.
4. The man lives happily forever.
5. Birds sing on every tree.
6. The huntsman winds his horn.
7. Mara took him to the forest.
8. Mara’s wife got ready to cook.
9. Milk becomes hard.
10. Chandru plucked some leaves.
11. The medicinal creeper grows In the wild.
12. The narrator carried on a profession In a big city.
13. He puts it into his pocket.
14. Fear becomes a delirium.

KSEEB Solutions

15. Nasiruddin Sheikh supported his son’s venture.
16. The boys help their families by working as mechanics.
17. The girls work as maidservants in the village.
18. Babar Ah wanted to change the situation.
19. He teaches his students under the open sky.
20. Babar Ahi lives in West Bengal.
21. They hack the trees into pieces.
22. He sprang like a buck and disappeared.
23. Mara wants to grow fast and strong.
24. Mara built the lake,
25. Mara went to the edge of the lake.
26. It takes a moment to die.
27. They keep looking at the sky.
28. The woman sticks to you like a burr.
29. Nicola answered seriously.
30. We drove to the tiny village.
31. They know Verona very well.
32. Her beauty gave the spring everlasting youth.

  1. Did an elephant make a friendship with a man?
  2. Did the lion reply in a noble voice?
  3. Did the commission sit to take evidence?
  4. Does the man live happily forever?
  5. Do birds sing on every tree?
  6. Does the huntsman wind his horn?
  7. Did Mara take him to the forest?
  8. Did Mara’s wife get ready to cook?
  9. Does milk become hard?
  10. Did Chandru pluck some leaves?
  11. Does the medicinal creeper grow in the wild?
  12. Did the narrator carry on a profession in a big city?
  13. Does he put it into his pocket?
  14. Does fear become a delirium?

KSEEB Solutions

  1. Did Nasiruddin Sheikh support his son’s venture?
  2. Do the boys help their families by working as mechanics?
  3. Do the girls work as maidservants in the village?
  4. Did Babar Ali want to change the situation?
  5. Does he teach his students under the open sky?
  6. Does Babar Ah live in West Bengal?
  7. Do they hack the trees Into pieces?
  8. Did he spring like a buck and disappear?
  9. Does Mara want to grow fast and strong?
  10. Did Mara build the lake?
  11. Did Mara go to the edge of the lake?
  12. Does it take a moment to die?
  13. Do they keep looking at the sky’?
  14. Does the woman stick to you like a burr?
  15. Did Nicola answer seriously?
  16. Did we drive to the tiny village?
  17. Do they know Verona very well?
  18. Did her beauty give the spring everlasting youth?
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