1st PUC English Grammar Notes Word Class

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Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Word Class

Complete the sentences with the right form o( the word given in brackets:

1. All the animals fr the jungle listened to the heated _________ (argue) between the man and his friend.
2. The lion did not want any ________ (disturb) in his kingdom.
3. The elephant said that he was having a little _________ (discuss) with his friend.
4. The elephant wants to have the _________ (possess) of the little hut.
5. The members of the commission were known for their ________ (impartial) injustice.
6. The man was given _________ (permit) to build a new hut suited to his needs.
7. The man said that there was no _________ (alternate).
8. He feared that his _________ (refuse) might expose him to the teeth and claws of the members of the commission.

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9. The entire system of Indian medicine suffers from a kind of ________ (mystify).
10. Every inch of the creeper was ________ (medicine).
11. Mara’s explanation of the Incidents was the height of his _________ (invent) genius.
12. Mara’s wife _________ (Ignorant) threw the leaves into the fire.
13. The schoolboy feels that he would forget his _________ (youth) spring if he does not enjoy his childhood.
14. The people of the city were _________ (profession) soldiers.
15. The narrator saw In his _________ (Imagine) a man standing stark naked In the crowd.
16. Money Is the collective _________ (mad).
17. Every individual carries his own grain of _________ (Insane).
18. Babar All was a _________ (study) boy in Cosslmbazaar Raj Govinda Sundari Vidyapeeth.
19. The high school student volunteers are helping out Babar In making the _________ (differ).
20. The presence of Mara was a _________ (disturb) to the road menders.
21. The white masters felt the enquiries on the part of the slave to be improper and an _________ (evident) of a restless spirit.
22. The _________ (separate) of the mother and child hindered the development of the child.
23. The mother could meet her child only if she had a special _________ (permit) from her master.
24. Luigi disapproved the shabby _________ (appear) of the two boys.
25. The two boys had an unremitting _________ (willing) to work.
26. Before the war, the boys had a _________ (comfort) and cultured life.
27. The selfless action of the boys brought a new _________ (noble) to human life.
28. The two boys sat in the _________ (desert) square.

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  1. argument
  2. disturbance
  3. discussion
  4. possession
  5. impartiality
  6. permission
  7. alternative
  8. refusal
  9. mystification
  10. medicinal
  11. inventive
  12. ignorantly
  13. youthful
  14. professional
  15. imagination
  16. madness
  17. Insanity
  18. studious
  19. difference
  20. disturbance
  21. evidence
  22. separation
  23. permission
  24. appearance
  25. willingness
  26. comfortable
  27. nobility
  28. deserted.
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