Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Students can Download Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language), Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Papers with Answers helps you to revise the complete Karnataka State Board Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Karnataka State Syllabus SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 With Answers (2nd Language)

I. Four alternatives are given for each of ‘ the following questions/incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet (4 × 1 = 4)

Time: 2 Hrs. 30 min
Max Marks: 80

Question 1.
Choose the appropriate question tag and fill in the blank.
Our team will win the match, ______ ?
a. will it
b. won’t it
c. isn’t it
d. could it
b. won’t it

Question 2.
Read the conversation and choose the language function of the underlined sentence:
A ten year old girl is in conversation with her father over the telephone. Listen to your teacher reading it.
Shreya : Hello daddy, my teacher told me that tomorrow is Republic day. I should give a speech about it.
Father : That’s great! Go ahead.. Speak, well my dear.
(a) obey
(b) command
(c) Appreciation and encouragement
(d) permission
(c) Appreciation and encouragement

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 3.
Complete the sentence :
Very few tops in this Mall are _________ as the one who bought from England.
a. more expensive
b. less expensive
c. most expensive
d. as expensive
d. as expensive

Question 4.
Read the conversation and fill in the blank choosing the correct ‘If Clause’ given below:
Meena : You look sad. Why are you worried Reena ?
Reena : I didn’t get a seat. If I had worked hard I would have got a seat in the college of fashion design,
(a) had
(b) could have
(c) would have
(d) have
would have

II. Do as directed : (12 × 1 = 12)

Question 5.
Fill in the blank with appropriate tense forms of the verbs given in brackets :
The first baby bomb was dropped (drop) on the densely populated town of Japan.

Question 6.
Fill in the blank with appropriate ‘preposition’ :
Swami became a hero in one night.

Question 7.
Fill in the blank using suitable linker
He was obstinate therefore he was punished.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 8.
Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words given in the brackerts :
Where (wear, where) do you buy (by, buy) cotton clothes?
Where , buy

Question 9.
Combine the word in Column-A with its collocative word in Column-B:
Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language) 1
Quick glance

Question 10.
Fill in the blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets:
Many people are suffering from poverty. (poor).

Question 11.
Which one of the following words has two syllables? Write it:
suggest, know, sell, moon.

Question 12.
Give one word for – Very eager for knowledge.

Question 13.
Frame a question to get the underlined word as answer :
Bangalore is the Capital city of Karnataka.
Which is the Capital city of Karnataka?

Question 14.
Read the conversation:
M : What are you doing?
N : I am washing my clothes
The passive form of the underlined sentence is _________ (Choose the right one)
a. My clothes are being washed by me.
b. My clothes were washed by me.
c. My clothes will washed by me.
d. My clothes is washed by me.
a. My clothes are being washed by me.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 15.
Change the following sentence into comparative degree:
No other member is as short as Radha in the family.
Radha is shorter than any other member in the family.
shorter than

Question 16.
Use the word ‘speech’ as noun in a sentence of your own.
Swami Vivekananda’s speech is very excellent and heart touching.

III. The following paragraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite it in the answer hook, dues are given :(1 × 2 = 2)

Question 17.
A cricket uses-to sing all through many pleasant month of summer and spring.
a. Verbal mistake to be corrected.
b. Noun plurals to be used ,
A cricket used to sing all through many pleasant months of summer and spring.
(a) used
(b) months

IV. Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each : (7 × 2 = 14)

Question 18.
Don Anselmo’s reaction to the offer of more money was not expected. Justify this statement.
Usually any person get offer for more money he would accepted. But Don Anselmo’s reaction was not at all expected. Though it is a fair offer, after surveying, the land rate was double. Double the land, double the money. But once he agreed to sell his land for twelve hundred dollars, he should stick oh his words. It was not expected.

Question 19.
How does Pedro react to the words of Columbus that he thought he saw some flickering light ?
When Don Pedro heard that there was some light, he felt excited and also he saw the light. He was very happy and with gratitude remembered the God’s glory or grace.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 20.
Which action of Satish changed his father’s attitude?
Satish had a very good skill in painting. He did his painting with devoted and dedicated interest. He got much pleasure in painting. One day though Satish knew his father was not pleased with his painting pastime, he was immersed and busy in painting. By seeing all these, his father’s attitude was completely changed and he was agree to continue, and encouraged him a lot.

Question 21.
Which sentence in the text suggest that the author was involved more in | the theoretical research than in its application to the warcraft ?
The sentence in the text suggests that the author was involved more in the theoritical research than in its application to the warcraft was in the 3rd para, i.e., “I did not give much thought to how it connects with the real life”.

Question 22.
The poem OFF TO OUTER SPACE TOMORROW MORNING is not full of figures of speech. Yet the poem has 2 similes. Pick & Write them.
The poem had two similes. They are

  • In solitary confinement as complete as any gaol, and
  • with the tea cups circling round me like the planets round the sun.

Question 23.
A police officer was seen talking to the student leaders. Can you guess what the officer had been talking to them ?
Really the police officer was not expected this type of March. They might thought that there was shouts, slogans and people will violate. To control the situation they might use their lotty etc. So he came to students and asked about this. There was less work for them.


“With zeal and determination there is nothing that one cannot achieve”. What else do you think are necessary to achieve, besides zeal and determination.
Besides zeal and determination, hard work, perseverance, one track mind, the character of taking any risk, regular practice etc. these are all necessary to achieve success.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 24.
What did Hanif choose as his mission? Why did he do so?
During his training at the IMA, He changed gentle to dedicated soldier. Perhaps Hanifuddin knew that his life was so short and
he needed to repeatedly remind himself of his mission. Though he came from a family of musicians, he decided to changed the lives, so he joined the army or choosed this mission to serve our nation.


What do you understand from them abòut the meaning of real happiness ?
According to that pará we can understand that the real happiness depends upon the surrounding which we live. The Nature gives warm breeze, forest, trees, flowers, fruits etc., The land gives good crops if the rivers flow. The birds song, rabbits dancing gives pleasure the people can lead their life happily. If the people get what they want, then they will feel happy.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

V. Answer the following questions in 5-6 sentences each: (2 × 3 = 6)

Question 25.
Why did father want Swami to sleep alone in the office room?
Father wanted Swami to sleep alone in the office-room to prove courage is everything. According to Swami, age and strength was more important in adventurous tasks, But in Swami’s father’s view, the strength and age were not so important, courage is all. To prove Swami had also courage, he should sleep alone in the office-room.

Question 26.
How man will exploit the land ?
The man says he owned the earth, is it correct? The man would exploit her making muddy holes and the lights of the parking
vehicles. The farmer ploughs the land. The children would come and dance on the land. The soldiers come with guns and put the fence and makes the land to suffocate and many more harmful things.

VI. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow : (4 × 3 = 12)

Question 27.
“Don’t cover your face, Are you really very sleepy?”
a. Who said this?
Swami’s granny asking him.

b. Your means who?
Your means swami’s.

c. Is he sleepy? why?
The boy is not sleepy, he is pretending to be sleepy, to avoid from his father.

Question 28.
“There’s a girl by tracks!”
(a) Who said this?
The voices cried out.

(b) Who was the girl?
Roma the girl who was travelling in the train was on the track.

(c) Why was she laid by the tracks?
She was suddenly pushed off from the train.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 29.
“It is It’s not possible?” they said.
(a) Who were they?
They were Anant’s neighbour.

(b) What is not possible?
That is they saw Pandit Ravishankar and Ustad Allah Rakha were coming to give concert.

(c) Where was it happened?
This was happened at Aunt Sushila’s apartment.

Question 30.
“And we anchored safe in harbour”,
(a) Who is ‘we’ here?
We means the speaker of the poem. (All sailors in the ship).

(b) Why they were safe?
The storm on the sea was calm down, so they were safe.

(c) How was it happened?
It was a miracle and the innocent child pray the God, her attitude makes all should pray with belief in God, so it happened.

VII. Given below is a profile of Kumari Apoorva. Write a paragraph using the clues given below: (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 31.
Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language) 2
Kumari Apoorva is 6 years old. Very cute and beautiful like an angel. Her height is 3.1 ft and weighs 25 kgs. She is studying in first standard. She had God gifted voice and acting ability. Last year she selected for Drama Juniors. She was well known to TV. Viewers.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

VIII. Develop the stoiy using the clues given below: (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 32.
Raw banana ……… Jack fruit ……… several methods ………. boiling ……….. baking ……… roasting ……… frying ……… with ……… Salt ……… Papads ……… curry ……… healthy ……… cheap ……… South Canara region.
In malnad region the most common cheap vegetables are raw banana and Jack fruit. There are several methods of cooking. It can be boil, bake, roast and even frying and make chips. It can be cooked with salt and make curry Papads are making from both banana and Jack fruit. They are very tasty and different. These are healthy and very common in South Canara region.

IX. 33, Study the picture given below. Write a description or an account of what the picture suggests to you in a paragraph : (1 × 3 = 3)

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language) 3
The above picture shows that the person drives while drinking. Drinking is injurious to health. While the persons are drunk and drive, accidents may happen. Because of them the innocent people will suffer a lot. Drink and drive js a severe offence. It is crime. The authorities should take severe action and should control it.

X. Quote from memory : (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 34.
T is mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes The throned monarch better than his crown.
His sceptre shows the force of temporal power.
The attribute to awe and majesty,


O say what is that thing call’d light.
Which I must ne’er enjoy
What are the blessings of the sight.
O tell your poor blind boy!

XI. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : 1 × 4 = 4(2 × 2)

Question 35.
The roofs of many houses of Srinagar are covered with flowers. They have tulips, wild irises and some red poppies. Delicate pink almond flowers appear in early spring. As soon as they shed their petals, the white cherry blossom and the pink and white apple blossom appear.

1. Which place is described in the paragraph?
The paragraph described the beauty of flowers and fruits of (Kashmir) Srinagar.

2. Name the types of flowers?
The flowers include tulips, wild irises and some red poppies.

3. When did the almond flowers appear?
The delicate pink almond flowers appear in early spring.

4. Name the fruits mentioned with their colours.
The white cherry and the pink and white apple are mentioned in the above paragraph.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

XII. Answer the following question in about 8-10 sentences : (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 36.
What Grandma ordered to his son? Describe the life of grandma after that incident?
Grandma peacefully waited till she became stronger, afterwards she said to her son that she could not lie on the bed any longer and without hesitating she ordered that she wanted a house on the tree top. Her son was obedient to his mother and obeyed her order. Immediately he started the work with the help of his son who was an expert.

They finished their work and made her a little, beautiful house on the tree top. The house had windows and a door. After that grandma lived in that house and her grandson could climb the tree every day to give glasses and tray. The grandson supplied food and wine to her. She sits there and eats and drinks with her grandson, like this she can claim her right to live on a tree.


What Jazz player wanted to tell? What happened at the end?
He wanted to tell that he “was a Black Man. He had been sent here to preach the Black Gospel of Jazz. He was preaching it with words by loud musical sound. When he started to preach, he was transformed into a Bird. That Bird gathers its wings and flies high, high and higher until it flies away. Otherwise he come back to find himself as a Black man again.


Who does the poet mean by ‘of your children that died to call their own’? What, according to the poet, is the contribution of the seers and prophets?
The Soldiers who guard our mother and motherland are mother’s children and they sacrificed their lives for the sake of their motherland. So they are her own.

The seers and prophets have contributed their valuable lessons and experiences to others.

XIII. Write an essay on any one of the following : (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 37.
a) Conservation of water resources – the need of the hour :
Water is the ‘Elixir of life’. It is indispenseble to all life on this earth. Although 75% of our planet is water only. 1% of the earth’s water is fit for human consumption. More than half our world’s fresh water resources are over exploited and polluted in spite of many laws and regulations, particularly in India.

Growing population and rampant indutrialization has put an irretrivable pressure on natural water resources. Hence it is necessary for all to conserve water resources so that the world may not face a water crisis. Moreover we have to preserve our water resources and prevent its pollution so that we have access to clean and safe water for our daily use. To conserve our water resources everyone should be made aware of water managerient.

Domestic consumers should try to minimise water usage and wasteful usage of water. Farmers should be advised to adopt agricultural methods that require less amount of water for cultivation. They should adopt water saving methods like Drip irrigation, cultivating newer variety of crops which require less water and to practice organic farming so as to prevent polluting our soil and water resources pollution.

Urban housholds should adopt rain water harvesting and ground water recharging so as to prevent rain water from being wasted and to recycle water and stop its over use.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

b) National integration among the youth:
National Integration among the youth of India has become a very crucial issue after India gained Independence. The history, geography languages, multi-culture and multi-religion of our country has played a divisive role in the integration among the youth of India.

The lack of integration among the youth has posed a serious challenge to India’s unity and integrity and, therefore great efforts have to be made to preserve unity and Integrity among our youth. The youth of the country have to be encouraged to make efforts to integrity themselves. The Indian Government authorities, authors, play wrights, politicians, teachers and parents have to take the responsibility of integrating values and an encouraging environment, so that the youth shed hatred for each other.

Schools and colleges have to conduct Integration camps so that students from different parts of the country take part in the camps and develop understand ing and friendship among each other various activities like cultural programmes, group discussion, debates, essay competitions on the theme of national integration and communal harmony should be conducted to create awareness among the youth.

Community work like anti- drug, mass literacy, environmental awareness should be conducted with the participation of youth from different schools and colleges. Such programmes will create a feeling of oneness among themselves. Parents should encourage their children to be friendly with all. If the youth of the country are united and integrated then India will progress rapidly in every sphere and become a leading country of the world.

c) Importance of computers in education:
Computers have become indespensible in all friends of life and they have also made an efficient tool for educators. Computers “ provide Audio – visual information that makes learning and teaching interactive and interesting. Moreover difficult subject scan be explained in better ways.

The information can be dispensed effectively with the help of a computer. The software like power-point, animation and Flash will help teachers to deliver effective education. Students who are unable to enroll in regular schools and colleges can enroll in the online distant education programmes which provide affordable education. Books need a lot of space for storage and thier maintainence is costly.

Computers have large capacity of memory to store data, and require less space and are cost – effetive. Presentations, notes and Question papers can be prepared with case on a computer and stored safely. Students can submit their home work and assignment as soft copies, thus limiting the use of paper and thereby reducing the costs. A good knowledge of computers help students to seek right careers. Thus computers have become an integral and indispensible part of education.

XIV. Write a letter? using the information given below : (1 × 5 = 5)

Question 38.
Imagine you are Sukrutha/Samrudh studying in Government High School, Sandur.
Write a letter to your mother about your preparation for external examination.

Govt. High School,
Date: 2-10-2019.

My dear mother,
I am very happy to write a letter to you. I am fine here and expecting the same from you.

Next week onwards we are getting Dasara holidays but I and my friends are deciding to get special coaching for external examination. So I am not able to come there. I missed you all. Everyday morning and evening group studies are arranged. Regular coaching classes also there. So I will be busy to fulfill that schedule.

Convey my regards to papa and my sister. Loving you all.

Yours affectionately,


Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 1 with Answers (2nd Language)

Write a letter to the General Manager of Jindal power limited, Madakaripura, Chitradurga, requesting him to visit the Wind power generation plant.

Date: 2-10-2019

Govt. High School,
Udaipur Badavane,

The General Manager,
Jindal power limited,

Respected Sir,
Sub : Visit to Wind Power Generation plant.

I, Akanksha studying in Govt. High School hereby requesting you that we, the students with the supervision of our science teacher make a wind power generation plant. Please you will come and see our project. If you visit us it will give us more inspiration to do these types of activities. Consider our humble request and I hope you will do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Govt. High School

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