KSEEB Class 8 English Letter Writing

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Karnataka State Board Class 8 English Letter Writing

Write a letter to your friend describing a place of historical importance you have visited recently.

K.R. Nagar
19 December 2017

Dear Sukumar,
I have received your letter. Sorry for the delay in replying. In fact, I got to read your letter only yesterday because till yesterday I was in Goa.
You know, the desire to visit Goa is a compulsive one with most. The government also has made the experience a pleasant one for tourists by making available accommodations that suit the pockets of every class of people. But, my interest in Goa is as a historically important place. If we see the influence of the British predominantly everywhere else in India, in Goa – it’s the Portuguese influence.

The Portuguese at first came to Goa as traders, then as tourists, later settled as rulers enamoured by the beauty of the place. The Portuguese way of life is reflected in Goa even now. But, we must remember that Goa is put on the world map for its ancient churches like the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa where the remains of St. Francis Xavier are preserved, the church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception at Panjim and the Mangeshi temple at Ponda.

What I liked the best about Goa is that despite being multi-lingual and multi-cultural, peace loving people of Goa have always maintained communal harmony. Don’t miss the chance of visiting Goa if an opportunity comes your way.

With best wishes

Yours affectionately

Mr. Sukumar Hegde
Lake View Apartments

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Write a letter to your friend telling him about a book you have read recently.

1 August 2017

Dear Anitha,
I have just put down Arundhathi Roy’s ‘God of Small Things’ and I have an urge to share my excitement with someone. Since you are a voracious reader, I’m sure that you have read the book and whatever I say will make sense to you.

Since the novel, is a Booker Prize winner I expected it to be good, and it turned out to be even better. The ease with which Roy writes shows that Indian Writing in English has come of age. Since I am from Kerala, the setting of the novel had a greater charm for me. Even when Roy comes up with shocking details, it is clear that she does it to highlight how bizarre reality can be and not at all with the intention of coming out as a daring novelist. All in all I have fallen in love with-her style.

What about you? Which new book have you read? Do write to me when time permits.


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Write a letter to your friend asking him to come to your village during summer holidays.

1 February 2018

Dear Prakash,
It is ages since we have met. The times we used to spend together either here at my place or at your place at Kubanoor seems to be a distant dream. I miss those happy-go-lucky days. How about recreating some of those magical moments?

I invite you to come over to Shivanahalli during your summer holidays. It coincides with the carnival of the local temple too. We can once again join the gang of boisterous boys in pulling the chariot. There will be cultural programmes every day in the temple square. My mother joins me in extending the invitation. She promises to cook your favourite dish – Payasam.

I know that you cannot resist the temptation of payasam. Please write to me in detail about your plan and programme.

With regards,

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Write a letter to your friend inviting him for the School Day celebration in your school.

1 December 2017

Dear Pfakyathi,
How are you? In your previous letter you had written that you had an attack of Malaria. I hope you have recovered fully. You still must be having weakness. Do take care and look after yourself. We will be celebrating our school day on the 14th of this month. This time we have a beautiful dance drama depicting the union of Ganga and Kaveri. I am given the main role, that is, of Ganga and I feel that our teacher in charge has choreographed the whole piece superbly.

I remember how you and I used to be together in all the school functions when we were in the Primary. Now that I have changed my school, I miss having you with me. Anyway, why don’t you attend my school day? It is only two hours journey for you and you can stay with me for the night and return home the next day. You can ask your sister to come with you.

Hope you will not disappoint me. Hope it is a positive answer. Hoping to receive your letter at the earliest.

Yours affectionately

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Write a letter to you friend giving an account of a brave deed, real or imaginary, noticed by you in the street.

27 April 2018

Dear Swathi,
It is a long time since I have written to you. If I have taken the pen to write to you, it is owing to the fact that I am greatly excited over a brave deed I witnessed this noon and feel the urge to share my excitement with you.

You know, it was at three in the afternoon when I was returning home that I witnessed a spine-chilling incident. Do you remember that there is a branch of State Bank of Mysore on my way to school? Just as I had reached the spot, I saw a woman coming out of the bank with a handbag. Suddenly, from nowhere, a masked man appeared wielding a knife and snatched the bag from the lady’s hand.

Though it was broad daylight and though the lady kept shouting for help, no one went anywhere near the man as he had a knife. But, you will be surprised to know that a little boy of ten sprinted towards the man and as he was too small to tackle the huge man, he clung to his feet making it impossible for the man to run. Even as the man kicked and bruised the boy, the boy held on and inspired by his heroism, a few others took courage and overpowered the criminal.

From this courageous deed of the boy, I have learned that each of us can make a difference. have taken the contact details of the boy and have decided to honour him on our school day with the permission of our Headmaster.

If possible, please come over. I will give you the details later.
Hope everything is fine at your end. Hope to meet you soon.
With warm regards,


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Write a letter to your father requesting him to permit you to go on an educational tour organised by your school.

Govt. High School
2 February 2018

Dear father,
I am very excited because my school has organized a trip to historically and artistically important places like Belur, Halebidu and Mysore. The trip will be for two days including the time for travel. All my classmates have decided to go on the trip and our class teacher Smt. Suma has agreed to accompany us.

Our school has booked a bus and all arrangements for food and night stay have been made. I am sure that the experience will be very nice and I hope you won’t object to my going on the trip. The charges are very reasonable. The school is charging us only Rs. 200. However, I request you to send Rs. 300 as I need a little extra money.
Hope all of you are keeping fine. How is mummy? I hope she is not neglecting her health.

With love

Sri. Ramachandra S.R.
156, D.V.G. Road
Shahi Colony

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Write an application to your Headmaster requesting him to issue transfer certificate.

17, Hospital Road
12 September 2017

The Headmaster
Mahatma Gandhi High School

Dear Sir,
I would like to introduce myself as a tenth standard student and my name is Srinivas. This letter is to request you to grant me a T.C. My father is a Syndicate Bank employee and he has been transferred to Karwar. Unfortunately, I too have to discontinue my studies here and continue my studies at Karwar.

I hope you will issue me the T.C. at the earliest so that t can expedite my admission procedure.
I remain grateful to you for all the encouragement I received as a student of your prestigious school.

Your obedient pupil

Sri. Padmanabha Rao
245, Evergreen Street
Frazer Town

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Write a letter to your Headmaster to give you a character certificate.

10, Kingston Gardens
12 October 2017

The Headmaster
Mahatma Gandhi Govt. High School

Dear Sir,
As l am the Cultural Secretary, I hope to be remembered by you. I am Anil of Standard X and i request you to issue me a character certificate. I am applying for membership in Gliders’ Club and I am asked to submit a character certificate signed by the Headmaster.

I have been studying in this school for the past six years. I have always been among the top ten in my examination scores. I have actively participated in school and inter-school competitions and have also won many prizes. On this merit, I have been chosen as the Cultural Secretary this year, i hope the information that I have furnished is enough for your perusal.
I thank you for all the opportunity given and I once again request you to issue me a character certificate.

Yours faithfully

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Write an application to your Headmaster requesting him to grant leave for ten days stating reason.

X std. ‘B’ sec.
Govt. High School
1 August, 2017
The Headmaster
Govt. High School

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I will be out of station for ten days from the 11th to the 2Qth of August. I have to attend an NSS selection camp at Ernakulam from the 11th to the 19th of August. This selection is for the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi in 2018.
I request you to grant me leave for ten days. Although the selection camp is for eight days, I need a couple of extra days for the travel. I hope you will excuse my absence.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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Write a letter to your father about your preparation for the examination.

Govt. High School
Lakshmana Nagar
17 January 2018

Dear Daddy,
As the exam dates are fast approaching, I know that you are worried about my studies. Please don’t worry. I put in two hours of study every morning and three hours in the evening.

Two tests have already been conducted and I am glad to inform you that in these preparatory exams I have scored above 85% in all the subjects. Teachers are satisfied with my performance although they have warned me about careless mistakes. They have also given me some tips about time management.

I have set a time table for myself and hope to complete revision well in time. I have the confidence of doing well in the final exams. Please convey my love to mummy. How is my little sister? Nothing more to pen now.

Yours affectionately

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Write a tetter to your father about your stay in the hostel.

V.V. High School Hostel
23 July 2018

Dear father,
How are you? I am fine and have adjusted to the hostel life. Our hostel is neat and clean and there are about 75 students. It has 25 rooms and each room is shared by three students. Usually, two juniors are put under a senior, who takes care of them. We have a good natured, soft spoken and disciplined warden. Though he is friendly with all the students, he does not tolerate any indiscipline. He has a firm conviction, which makes the boys to follow all the rules and regulations of the hostel.

The food served is of very good quality. We are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner which is not only tasty, but also healthy and nutritious. My roommates are very friendly with me. My senior is very caring, and the other boy is very accommodative. We live in an amicable, friendly environment. How is mother? My regards to you both.

Affectionately yours,

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Write a letter to your friend about the celebration of Independence Day in your school.

Sarvodaya High School
22 August 2017

Dear Sahana,
How are you? I thought you would come to Hatehalli on the 15th as you had a holiday. In a way, I was happy that you didn’t come because this year I was totally busy on the Independence day. Every year I had thought of making the celebration meaningful, but didn’t know how.

This year our school came up with a unique idea. Our teachers took us to a small village where the government school has no facilities at all. The whole lot of us, after the hoisting of the flag, offered Shramadhan and leveled the playground. In the evening, we entertained the villagers with a street play on family planning.

Oh Sahana I felt for the first time that I spent the Independence Day meaningfully. This was my way of paying homage to the freedom fighters of India. What do you think?


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