KSEEB Class 8 English Paragraph Writing

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Karnataka State Board Class 8 English Paragraph Writing

Expand each of the following into a paragraph:

Pleasure of Reading:
The Importance of Reading:

The habit of reading can bring one a lot of pleasure and happiness and if one is sensible in one’s choice, no real harm. Great books bring before us experiences of great intensity and depth, ideas of life at various levels and sensations we cannot normally have in daily life. “A good book”, said Milton, “is the life-blood of a master spirit”. If one cultivates the habit of reading masterpieces, one’s life feels enriched and one often, at the end of the book, is wiser and more thoughtful. Books can inspire us to thought, move us to tears and tickle us into laughter. But, if one chooses books indiscriminately, one could end up reading trash which would have an adverse effect. If the habit of reading is to be both pleasurable and useful, then what we need is a taste for reading with a sense of discrimination and understanding.

Social Service:

The concept of social service as we have it today is relatively modern. Man has always been alive to the suffering of fellow human beings and to the need of serving the poorest, the lowliest and the lost. It is only in recent times, however, that men have organized themselves in order to help the needy better. Now-a-days, in great moments of crises and calamities like floods, earthquakes and accidents, medical relief, food and other necessities are rushed in or air-dropped to the victims. One cannot but admire the works of sympathy and love that flow from the human heart. Of ever more interest is the active existence of social service organisations in schools, colleges and universities all over the country. Only one must enquire how much the poor and the needy are really helped and how much of the help offered normally arises out of real love.

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National Integration:

It is often said that India has never been a nation. The diversity of languages, modes of life and variety of
geographical details are brought in to prove it. But, the places of pilgrimage in India from Badrinath and Haridwar to Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari have certain basic ethical and philosophic concepts and certain beliefs shared by people all over the country. The enemies of national integration stress on the differences ignoring the various binding factors. National integration becomes a problem only because of the divisive forces raised by vested interests. People have to be educated and television, radio and the press must be used to resist the forces of disintegration.

A rolling stone gathers no moss:

Too much of anything is not good. People who go on changing their jobs frequently may often think that by moving from one job to another they gain experience and maturity. Actually, frequent changes in one’s vocation or job does not do any good. This, of course, does not mean to say that one should never change one’s job. Change may sometimes be necessary. But, a person who changes his job without any genuine reason is a rolling stone who will neither gain any experience nor wisdom and will never be able to make any impact. A stone that goes on rolling.will not gather any moss. So, the man who goes on changing his profession will not gather any weight or experience. One has to stick to one’s job. It is not good to change it too frequently.

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Work is Worship:

For ages society has been emphasising the view that work is worship. The Bhagavadgita says, ‘Yoga karmasu Koushalam’. Basavanna had written, ‘Kayakave kailasa’. In the ‘Geetanjali’ of Rabindranath Tagore we read that we should not seek God in the dark corners of a temple, but in the midst of the stone-cutters on the footpath. The stress in all these statements is that worship does not consist of hymns only. It includes work. But, work must be noble, intended to promote the welbbeing of all living beings. In this context no Indian can help recalling the words and actions of Gandhiji who believed that the work of a sweeper was as noble as that of a teacher. Here is what is called dignity in it. Without work, there is no creation and production, no service to the needy and no beauty. Dignity, creativity, service, beauty – all these are the great attributes of God. Therefore, great thinkers have said that work is worship.

All that glitters is not gold:

One must always be careful about deceptive appearances. Many things which appear to promise a lot are often disillusioning when we examine them closely. Although people say that the face is the index of the mind, we must remember never to judge a book by its cover. Many people who look innocent and honest often prove to be cunning and treacherous. So, we must learn not to be carried away by appearances. Never take anything at its face value. This does not mean that one should be always suspicious or sceptical. But, it is always wise to be on guard against false appearances.

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To err is human, to forgive divine:

To err means to go away from the path of right. Human beings are full of frailties and are imperfect in their thought and deed. In spite of the best of intentions, men tend to commit mistakes and may be hurt, and harm others without realising it. Only the man with the light of God can always walk the right path. There are few human beings who can boast of doing it. Yet we forget our own weaknesses and find fault with others for committing errors. God forgives man because he perceives human limits and limitations. He also has great love for man. We can forgive another’s errors. God forgives man because he perceives human limits and limitations. He also has great love for man. We can forgive another’s errors only when we realise our oneness with other human beings and love them as God does. We should remember that while to err is human, it is divine to forgive another’s error.

T.V. and its affects:

Television is one of the latest and most effective vehicles of communication in India, though it was established in the West about six decades ago. Today we can witness events that occur across the globe through the television which beams it into our drawing rooms via the satellite. Television has made the world smaller. Not only does it bring us news from distant lands, it brings us pictures and images of these lands and their people. Television can however cause a great deal of harm. Young children lose interest in studies and prefer to sit glued to the television. Young minds often get influenced by the violence depicted on the small screen. A more dangerous occurrence is that children lose the habit of reading story books and along with it their power of imagination and sense of judgement. The most unfortunate aspect is that people buy a T.V. set not because they wish to benefit from it, but because T.V. has become a status symbol.

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Good manners:

Good manners are the mark of civilization. Courtesy to others and consideration of other’s feelings are the basis of good manners. We thank the other for whatever little favour is done. We express regret or say ‘Sorry’ when we commit a mistake. Good manners does not mean a false assumption of cordiality, for it has to come from the heart. They are the result of a good nature, culture and breeding. Good manners also include table manners, manners we observe in a public place, etc. As long as good manners do not become mechanical and insincere, they help in making life pleasant.

Public libraries:

Libraries are an essential part of modern civilization. They provide easy access to wisdom and knowledge for the reading public. Every town and city possesses a library for the use of the general public. Many book lovers maintain their own little private libraries at home. Public libraries stock not only books and other light reading material, but also good encyclopaedias and other reference books. They have a newspaper and journal section with a reading room attached to it. Most libraries house children’s books in a separate section. It is important to observe absolute silence within the precincts of a library so as not to disturb others. Unfortunately many of our country-men have the bad habit of scribbling on library books, tearing out pages and even not returning the books. A good library can be a means of gaining education and it is important that people remember this.

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The value of sports:

A healthy mind develops in a healthy body and so to be successful in life we must have a harmonious development of the body, the mind and the intellect. Sports promotes health. It also gives us a complete diversion from all cares and worries and refreshes the mind. Sports also help to inculcate several good qualities such as team spirit, perseverance, tolerance, a helping attitude and a spirit of give-and-take.

Certain games involve accurate judgement, prompt and quick decisions and immediate execution. It is said that a nation of sportsmen will progress in all spheres of life, be it economic, political, social or international. We can clearly see that India and other underdeveloped countries are also weak in games and sports in the international forum. It is imperative that Indian youth take up games and sports with greater seriousness and steadfastness.

Slow and steady wins the race:

This statement has reference to the story of the hare and the tortoise. The over-confident hare finds itself defeated by the slow tortoise which is steady and persistent. One should be steady in one’s work and only then can one hope to achieve the desired result. Work done in a hurry or by fits and starts is only slipshod and never perfect. To build a career one has to do constant and hard work without which nothing substantial is gained. Haste, they say, makes waste and so one has to approach the situation in a planned and systematic manner. One cannot succeed at fame and fortune overnight.

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Penny wise, pound foolish:

These words can be used to describe many people who practice a kind of false economy. They also apply to certain kinds of people who fuss over little details but ignore the main task at hand. One hears many stories about people who haggle over a few paise with the vegetable seller and cheerfully go to posh restaurants for dinner where everything is overpriced. Sometimes, out of a false sense of economy, people buy the cheapest foods in the market which ruin their health and result in huge doctor’s bills and expensive medicines. Such people are to be pitied for they are incapable of considering something from a global point of view. They merely consider the immediate present, do not think about the future and never learn from past mistakes.

Make hay while the sun shines:

This saying held a different meaning from the one the present generation has given it. In the beginning, it meant that one should do one’s work on time and not procrastinate. If one delays, it may often be too late. In modern times it has taken a different meaning. Today, it stands for opportunism – to make the best use of any opportunity that comes one’s way. It also carries negative connotations. It means that one has the right to do anything that benefits oneself, even if it means cheating another. So smugglers, rioters, black marketers make good use of certain political and socio-economic situations and make a lot of money or in other words, they make hay while the sun shines.

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No pains, no gains:

The value of work is of universal and permanent value. It is well known that success comes only to those who work hard with determination and perseverance. To expect fame and fortune to come to us without working for it is both wrong and foolish. It is also said that God helps those who help themselves. One cannot succeed by working haphazardly and in an ill-planned way. Patience and diligence are needed to reap a good harvest. There is, in this connection, the well-known story of the ant and the grass-hopper. The ant worked hard in summer storing food while the grasshopper danced and sang. In winter, when the climate became harsh and food became scarce, the grasshopper shivered and starved, while the ant lived happily. This story emphasises that hard work brings its own rewards.

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Child labour:

Child labour is the employment of children below fourteen years of age in any work that deprives them of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. For a very long time the Indian peasant has been helped by his children in all his functions both inside the house and outside on the farm. After industrialisation, these children are appointed as workers on a lesser pay. The capitalists or the moneyed proprietors look for opportunities to make use of child labour.

One of the root causes of child labour is poverty. The parents are too poor to protect and feed the children and hence send them away to find work for themselves and earn some money. To employ children is a crime against human rights and it is a greater crime to pay them low wages, and allow them to suffer several diseases which afflict them because of malnutrition and uneconomic living. Though the government has abolished child labour, the evil continues unabated in all the sectors.

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Most students dread the word ‘examination’. But this is something they have to face right from primary school. They would probably heave a great sigh of relief if the word was altogether deleted from the dictionary. The reasons are not far to seek.

The whole career of a student depends on what he is able to write during the short duration of an examination. If he suddenly takes ill or he is unlucky enough to get a tough question paper, he fails and his future is ruined. Examiners have no knowledge of his all-round performance during the academic year. They go just by what is written in the answer paper. Again, assessment varies from examiner to examiner. It does not, in any way, reflect the real merit of the students. Examinations kill student’s genuine interest in study and give importance only to cramming. Examinations have become mere games of chance and guessing.

All this is admitted by everyone. Yet no other method of testing students on a mass scale has as yet been devised. So, examinations have become a necessary evil. But, if there were no examinations, it is likely that the majority of students would not bother to study at all. We would never be able to separate the brilliant students from the average ones. Then whom would we select for higher professional training and jobs?

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Environmental pollution:

Pollution is a serious issue affecting our planet today, yet many people continue to turn a blind eye thinking that it’s not that serious. Pollution is the addition of substances to the environment faster that the environment can dispose, recycle, decompose, or store in a harmless state. There are different types of pollution and includes water, soil, air and sound pollution and all these continue to cause major problems. In our quest to better our lives we forget or rather ignore the negative impacts such deeds can have on the environment.

Mostly the cities where there is a lot of population are the most affected. The fumes that emanate from factories and vehicles not only make it difficult to breathe but affect the ozone layer. The garbage, honking, blaring music are all menaces that we should aim to reduce for a better planet. The biggest paradox is that the more we pollute the environment the riskier it becomes for us to live in it. Pollution affects our health, which lowers our quality of life significantly.

Poisonous chemicals emitted from factories are dangerous and expose us to various elements that cause cancer. Garbage scattered all over increases the chance of us getting a variety of epidemic diseases. The major problem brought about by pollution is global warming which has resulted in changes in the global climate patterns. We can no longer predict what to expect in the different seasons unlike before. Things are so bad that life on earth in general is under great risk.

According to scientists, it’s not too late to take action. We can take measures to prevent any further damage and adopt better waste disposal measures for a better planet.
Each one of us needs to be responsible in protecting the environment. We can also do things better to ensure we safeguard our environment for our benefit and for our future generations. Simple things such as saving electricity, fuel, using biodegradable materials, recycling among others count in reducing pollution. We should all aim to better our planet by the simple things we do.

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My hobby:

Everyone has a favourite hobby. Someone likes gardening. Someone likes painting. Someone likes stamp collecting. Of all the hobbies that we see and hear, I love photography the best. Photography is an art and it just captures the beauty of the moment at its best. Though it does not require great skills, it does require an understanding to capture wonderful shots.

Photography is a vast subject; there are so many subjects to choose from that one would enjoy. I love to click mostly the natural ones or the ones that give me a perfect satisfaction of where I am. To get good shots, one needs to understand a few concepts of photography like lighting techniques, backgrounds, arrangements and so on, so that you get a wonderful shot. Practicing is another method to get your shots to perfection; the more you practice on your choice of interest, the better your shots would become. In order to make my shots good, I did take up short courses to learn in detail so that I understood how to take good shots and great snaps that look natural and wonderful.

Photography has elevated my imagination, senses and also patience level as I have to wait long for a good and right capture. Photography is something that develops over a period of time and with a good imagination, sense and right kind of equipment, it is quite easy to capture those wonderful and cherished moments of life, which could never be brought back in reality.

A good photographer would always be in search of good sceneries or events or moments to capture and I am happy to be one among them. I just love shooting, be it outdoors or indoors, as I have developed the skill through years of practice. Photography is something that just does not happen overnight. One has to devote time and develop patience and learn the art of good photography. The more I learn, the more I love it and this is one hobby that I am truly in love with and that which I enjoy the most.

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The Game I like Most:

It is but natural that each one of us has a game which he or she likes the best. However good and interesting other games are, one will never accept that the other games are better than the one he or she likes. I am no exception to this. The game I like the most is football. Some may wonder why I am fond of football at all. To some others it may even look funny to see all the players running after a ball trying to kick it whenever they get an opportunity. No doubt some consider this game to be violent in which some players try to hurt the opponents intentionally.

Well, I like playing football because it is the only game, in my opinion, which calls for superior skills and techniques from every player involved in it. It also calls for good physical strength and ability to think and act quickly. It calls for perfect coordination and understanding among the players. What are the advantages of playing this game? This game gives good exercise to all parts of the body. A football player is usually well built, strong and a good athlete too. Every player is kept busy from the moment the game begins till the final whistle. A player cannot rest nor can he withdraw his mind from the game while the game is in progress.

Thus it develops good physical strength and ability to concentrate on a thing. While it develops team spirit, it also brings players closer together. The players learn to be disciplined for they must obey the referee without questioning him. They thus develop qualities of sportsmanship. Thus, in my opinion, football is a good game. It enables the players to develop not only good physique but also qualities of head and heart.

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A visit to a historical place:

India is a nation known for its historically important places. The aim of visiting these places is not merely pleasure. It is also to gain knowledge. Of the various places that I have visited, my visit to the ruins of Takshasila in far off North West of India remains the most memorable. The ruins of ancient Takshasila are on the mountain sides in the lower ranges of the Himalayas. The monastery adorned with terracotta figures of the Buddha with artistic perfection is breathtakingly beautiful. There is also a fine temple dedicated to Marthand, the Sun.

Kunala was the capital of Ashoka’s son, who was sent out by Ashoka as the governor of Gandhara. But there are other places of intrigue. A small town there has walls of the houses standing alone without any sign of a roof. After the streets were destroyed by the Huns by fire, there were only the walls left. Excavations were still going on. Takshasila in ancient times was one of the two or three great universities of India. After its destruction by Huns it was completely abandoned and forgotten. And the place was covered with mud for over 1500 years, so that nothing but mounds of soft mud were seen for miles around.

About fifty years ago, some villagers who dug in those regions for mud to build their house, had come against stone walls. The matter was reported to the archaeological department which has since then excavated and unearthed the most celebrated seat of learning in ancient India. Thus my visit to this historical place was educative in nature and made me feel proud of my nation and its heritage.

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Computers are considered to be key ingredients in everyone’s life today. Irrespective of the age factor, starting from school to research fields, computers have been used to seek solutions to solve various complicated problems. Today, the advancement of computer technology in every field drives everyone to use their personal computer for everyday life.

Computers have penetrated every field like business, banking, government offices and transportation. In the field of research, computers are used by scientists and researchers to collect, store, manipulate, and analyse data. Business transactions and complex data are easily managed by using computers. Chemists use computer simulation to design and test molecular models of new drugs. Computers are also used to generate models which are capable of predicting weather conditions that help the meteorologists.

In industries, computers have created a new era in manufacturing several products. Computer-assisted programmes are used in manufacturing thousands of products ranging from small-scale products like calculators to large- scale aeroplanes. Computers are also essential for taking the census, maintaining records, and other tasks. It has indeed become an inseparable part of development.

Computers are no longer mere storage devices, but a medium through which we can communicate and interact with the world around us. Computers are also changing the way in which things are being done. Computers have made computations less complicated and more accurate. Computers have also proved to be valuable educational tools. They are one of the best ways of teaching subjects to students. Use of computers in the field of education has made teaching and learning much simpler and interesting.

Apart from education, computers also play a significant role in the field of medicine. Solution to various ailments is available on the internet. In medical diagnosis, computers are being used to locate and investigate abnormalities and diseases accurately and precisely. Reservation of tickets, payment of electricity, telephone and other utility bills are also done through computers. The advancements in the field of computer science have indeed led to the invention of several useful gadgets that have revolutionized the world.

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Importance of sports and games in schools:

Right from our childhood till our adulthood we have been taught the truth – work while you work; play while you play; that is the way to be happy and gay. In recognition of this truth, in schools sports and games are given a lot of importance. Only when children have physical activities coupled with academic pursuits their education can be considered complete.

Sports and games can be divided into athletics and team games. If athletics are individual events sharpening the spirit of competition, team games teach players the spirit of working together. Values of cooperation, adjustment and sacrifice are taught through team games.

In the present time when children have become victims of passive forms of entertainment through T.V. and computer, sports and games in schools are the only physical activity that the children get. The scenario has further increased the importance of sports and games in schools. Sports and games in schools also tap the hidden potential of youngsters. Not all can be academically brilliant. Some may have their strength in other spheres. If their abilities are recognized and channelled into skills, these may shine as stars eventually.

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