KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Poem Chapter 4 The Skylark

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Karnataka State Board Class 5 English Poem Chapter 4 The Skylark

The Skylark Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

I. Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
Where did the poet see the skylark?
a. on the ground
b. flying over the sky
c. in the nest
d. between the earth and sky
d. between the earth and sky

Question 2.
Why is the skylark described as a “singing speck”?
The Skylark is a small singing bird. It is a very playful and mischievous bird. It soars to the sky, singing, which makes it appear like a ‘singing speck’ i.e, a tiny singing shape in the sky.

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Question 3.
How are the butterflies described?
While butterflies are dancing on the wing.

Question 4.
Explain the meaning of these two lines in your own words. “And still the singing skylark soared, And silent sank and soared to sing”.
The poet was observing the skylark. It soared into the sky still singing and then sank down to the cornfields in silence and again soared high into the sky to sing again.

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Question 5.
What part of the day is mentioned in the poem?
It is a sunny morning.

Question 6.
What.is the mood of the poet?
The mood of the poet is to listen to the birds and observe nature.

Question 7.
Why does the poet say, I knew he had a nest unseen?
The poet knows that the sky lark’s of com nest is hidden among the million stalks.

Question 8.
What kind of a field, “does the poet talk about in the poem?
The com field that stretched as a tender green.

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Question 9.
Which one does the poet enjoy most; the dancing of the butterflies or the flight of the skylark? Why?
The poet enjoys the flight of the skylark the most because it attracts her a lot.

Question 10.
Read the following lines aloud. You will notice the end rhymes
The earth was green, the sky was blue
I saw and heard one sunny morn
A skylark hangs between the two
A singing speack above the com
a. wing-swing
b. walks-stalks
c. song-long
d. did-slid
Now find the rhyme scheme in the following lines:
And tell me now what makes thee sing With voice so loud and free
While I am sad, though Fm the king Beside the river Dee?
a. Sing-king
b. Free-Dee

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The Skylark Summary In English

The Skylark Summary In English 1

The poem ‘THE SKYLARK’ by ‘Christina Rossetti’. She has described nature very vivid !y. She remembers one sunny morning when she heard and saw a Skylark hovering (flying) above the green earth and under the blue sky. It seemed to her that the Skylark was hanging between the green earth and the blue sky.

The Skylark appeared to her like a ‘Singing Speck’ above the com plants growing in the fields the green earth appeared to her like a stage decorated accordingly in guy (bright) colors. The poet watched the butterflies, which seemed to dance on their wings.

The Skylark soared high up in the sky, singing, and sank down to the earth silently and then again rose up to the sky, singing a merry tune. The poet was walking along the tender green com fields, and she believed that the skylark had a nest, hidden somewhere among the million stalks of com crop.

The poet stopped walking to hear the skylark singing. She was so engrossed with the skylark that time slipped by swiftly, and the sun began setting down, i.e. it was already evening. So she decided to go back home. She walks back home wondering if the Skylark’s mate would be sifting there listening to his song’s longer than she did.

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The Skylark Summary In Kannada

The Skylark Summary In Kannada 1
The Skylark Summary In Kannada 2

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