KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Prose Chapter 1 Dog Finds his Master

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Karnataka State Board Class 6 English Prose Chapter 1 Dog Finds his Master

Dog Finds his Master Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

1. Speak to your partner about the points raised in these questions, write down what you say.

Question a.
Why was the dog not happy with the way he was living?
The dog was tired of wandering about by himself looking for food and being frightened of those who were stronger than him. He was sick and not happy with the way he was living.

Question b.
With what words did the wolf reply to the dog? What did he mean by that?
“ Why not” the wolf said, and that meant he agreed to be the dog’s master.

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Question c.
Why did the dog take up service with the bear?
Seeing that the bear was stronger than the wolf, the dog decided to take up service with the bear.

Question d.
Why was the dog very much surprised?
The dog was very much surprised to see the wolf running into the deep forest hastily seeing a bear.

Question e.
What did the bear say to the dog about the lion? Why did he say so?
The bear said to the dog that the lion was the strongest beast on earth. He was the king of the forest.

Question f.
What advice did the lion give to the dog?
The lion said, “ I smell a man coming this way, “we better run from here or we will be in trouble.”

2. Tell your partner whether the following statements are true or false. Sometimes you will have to give reasons for your answer.

  • All dogs have followed the dog in this story. (True)
  • None of the masters put any condition to take the dog his into service. (True)
  • One of the masters took the dog to a feast. (Not True)
  • Each of the masters was angry with the dog for leaving his service. (Not true)
  • Anyone of the masters could have eaten the dog. (True)
  • At last, the dog found a master who could do his duty properly. (True)

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Words in use: Phrases

3. In the sentence, “ He was tired of wandering about by himself looking for food,” “looking for” means “searching”.

You can make other phrases with the word look:

  • look after-take care of (He remained in the village to look after his parents.
  • look down on- think that someone is less important than you. (She thinks they look down on her because she is poor.
  • look up to – admire and respect (I al-ways looked up to my teachers for guidance.
  • look forward for / to wait eagerly /1 am looking forward for the holidays /1 am looking forward to going home during the holidays.

4. Use a phrase with “look” in the place of the parts underlined in these sentences.

  • He was eagerly waiting for his class X results.
    He was looking forward for his class X results.
  • He should not think someone less important because he/she cannot speak English fluently.
    He should not look down someone because he / cannot speak English fluently.
  • Children admire and respect the teachers who inspire them.
    Children look upto the teachers who inspite them.
  • Shravanakumara took great care of his parents.
    Shravanakumara looked after his parents with care

5. Sounds made by a few animals are given in the box. Match them with the animals given below and write them down in the space provided.

KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Prose Chapter 1 Dog Finds his Master 1

  • cats mew
  • donkeys bray
  • Hons roar
  • dogs bark
  • monkeys chatter
  • cows moo
  • ducks quack
  • crows caw
  • snakes hiss
  • horses neigh.

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Focus on grammar:

1. Study the meanings of the italicized words in these sentences.

  • I know she likes sweets; she told me herself.
  • Did you yourself see it or did someone tell you?

The underlined words are called em-phatic, or reflexive pronouns. They emphasize that no one else, or no other thing did the action. They also emphasize that the effect of the action was on the doer, no one else.

2. Add an appropriate reflexive pronoun to each of these sentences.

  • Mala stood in front of a mirror, looking at herself.
  • Don’t blame me for your mistake; blame yourself.
  • Arun bought three tickets, for me, for his brother, and for himself.
  • There were mangoes in the tree. Sheela and I helped ourselves to a bagfiil each.
  • I feel afraid sometimes, but I keep telling myself there’s nothing to fear.
  • The Principal usually asks the class leader to announce the day’s program. This time she made the announcement herself.
  • Do you mean they painted the whole house themselves?
  • None of them was sure; I wasn’t sure myself.
  • You have been serving lunch to every-one, why don’t you have some for yourself?

Speech Practice:

3. Read these sentences after your teacher and tell which words are stressed more.

Rajani went to the market.
This lesson was very interesting. While reading, content words (noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, and demonstratives. are stressed. Now read the following sentences on your own.

  • He works day and night.
  • It was a cold day.
  • When is your birthday?
  • Salim’s sister is a doctor.
  • I found this book on your table.

4 a. Do this blank filling exercise jointly with your partner. Write down appropriate words in the blanks.

Usually, a master dismisses a servant if he finds that the servant is not doing his work properly. In this way, a servant leaves three of his masters, one after the other, when he sees that each one of them cannot do his duty properly. The last time the servant is lucky. He stays with this master and serves him faithfully.

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4. We keep wild animals in our National Parks. If you visit a national park you may find a notice with this instruction.

Allow Wild Animals To Stay Wild

Write a paragraph about what we should do and what we should not do in a national park. Use these points: no surprising them; no teasing, angering; no feed¬ing, teaching them to beg.
Wild animals are kept in the National Parks. If we visit a National Park we must not go near the animal’s cage trespassing the fence. We must keep distance and watch their habits and behavior, We must not surprise them with loud yells, or tease them and make them angry. We should not offer any eatables from outside to the animals or encourage them to beg for food. Visit the National park only to see the wild animals and do nothing else.

Dog Finds his Master Summary in English

Dog Finds his Master Summary in English 1

The lesson ‘Dog finds his Master’ is story about how dogs wilfiily become the servants of Man i.e., How dogs become domesticated. It is ironical that ‘Dog’ which were once a free animal in the wild, wilfiily became domesticated by accepting human beings as their master.

Long, Long ago, Dogs like foxes lived in packs but hunted alone. They lived in freedom until a dog was bom who was not pleased with this way of life. The dog was tired of wandering in search of food and being frightened of other stronger animals. So he decided to become the servant of the strongest person on this earth.

He started searching for such a master. He met a wolf and asked it if he would become the dog’s master. The wolf readily agreed and as they were walking along the forest path, the wolf darted quicky off the path and hid among the bushes deep inside the forest.

The surprised dog asked the wolf why, he was frightened. The wolf told the dog that a ‘bear’ was out there and he might eat up both of them. The dog, then realized that the bear was stronger than the wolf and decided to become the bear’s servant. The bear asked the dog to join with him to hunt cows so that both of them could eat to their fill. As they approached the cows, a terrible noise stopped them.

The bear ran away and hid in the forest. The bear said to the dog that the terrible noise was made by a ‘lion’ who was the mler of the forest and that the lion was the strongest being on the earth. Later the dog became the Lion’s servant. He was happy in the Lion’s service because no one dared to touch him or offend him. One day. the Lion and the dog were walking in the forest.

The Lion stopped suddenly and rared and struck the ground in anger with his paw. Then he walked away very quietly. The dog asked the lion if anything was wrong. The lion told the dog that he could smell a ‘Man’ coming towards them and they better run away and hide from him.

So the dog bid goodbye to the Lion because he wanted to serve a master who was the strongest being on the earth. Eventually, the dog went to the ‘Man’ and stayed with him and served him faithfully, Since then the dog has been the most loyal servant of Man and knows no other master.

Dog Finds his Master Summary in Kannada

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