KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chapter 4 Sonnet

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Karnataka State Board Class 7 English Poem Chapter 4 Sonnet

Sonnet Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

I. Take turns with your partner to ask or answer these questions. Explain to him/her why you think your answer is correct Quote from the poem if necessary. Write down your answers.

Question 1.
Torn Dutt is taking a stroll amid the trees in her garden. She sees “a sea of foliage”. What does she mean by “sea” of foliage? Explain in your own, words.
The meaning of “sea” of foliage is that Tom Dutt compares the greenery surrounding her family garden with the sea. She also says that while the sea has an unchanged green colour, her garden is filled with different and exciting shades of green like light green of tamarind tree, deep green of mango grove.

Question 2.
The greenery you are watching seems dull if it is un _______

Question 3.
What does the phrase “not a sea of a dull unvaried green” mean? Explain.
Just one type of plant everywhere like the sea which remains unchanged will be dull in the same the same type of plant will gives dull impression. But in the poet’s garden there is mixture of plants, colours and textures which could be a sea of foliage around her garden which is spectacular, greenery surrounding her family.

Question 4.
The poet gives one example of colour contrast. What example is it?
A contrast is found in brilliant red colour of flowers of the seemul tree which takes one by surprise like the sudden shrill sound of triumphet.

Question 5.
Have you seen the bunches of leaves on a mango tree? Are they all green? What about fresh bunches?
All the bunches of leaves on a mango tree are not all green. The tender fresh bunches are pink in colour. The older bunches are dark green in colour. The colour in the bunch of leaves changes from pink to light green to dark green as the leaves become older.

Question 6.
Can you draw pictures of a bunch of mango leaves and a picture of a tamarind leaf? Try
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Question 7.
What “grey pillars” arise between the mango and the tamarind trees? Can you draw a picture of this tree? Try.
Grey pillars are referred to stately palms which grow in between the fresh bunches of Tamarind trees and Mango trees.

Question 8.
The poet says seemuls are startlingly red. How does she explain their lurid brightness? What does she compare them with?
The palms look like grey pillars between the maroon coloured silk-cotton trees which makes her feel surprised like when. hearing trumpets sound. She compares them with.

Question 9.
A sudden blare of a trumpet outside your quiet room would startle you. The glaring red ____ of the ____ startled the poet.
colour, seemuls

Question 10.
After describing some lovely scenes the poet talks about the loveliest scene of all. What is it? Describe it in your own words.
The loveliest however are the lines of bamboo tree growing towards the eastern side of the garden, when the moon shines through the bamboo trees the white lotus looks like silver cup, the scene is so enchanting that one might almost faint intoxicated by beauty.

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Question 11.
Enjoying the beauty of Nature, the poet says even enjoyment can become unbearable. What words express this idea? Explain what she says in your own words.
“Looks through their gaps, and white lotus changes, Into a cup of silver, one might swoon, drunken with beauty then, or gaze and gaze on a primeval Eden, in amaze.
The words in the second line show even enjoyment can become unbearable. White lotus looks like a silver cup. The scene is so enchanting that one might almost feint intoxicated by beauty or say in wonder at what looks like the garden of Eden, the first garden by God for Adam and Eve.

Question 12.
There are three Metaphors and three similes in this poem. Find them. Talk to your partner about them. (Metaphor: The use of words to indicate something different from the literal meaning; Simile: Comparison of one thing to another)

  1. Red, red and starting like a trumpet’s sound
  2. Palms rise like pillars grey
  3. Lotus looks like a silver cup.


  1. Sea of foliage
  2. One might swoon drunken with beauty
  3. And over the quite pools the seemuls lean.

Sonnet by Tom Dutt About the Author:

Tom Dutt, who died before her poetic talent could fully mature, was the daughter of the poet, Govinda Dutt. She was educated in England. Her poetry shows the influences of French and English poetry of the Victorian age.

In her short literary career, she left behind a body of poetry quote remarkable for genius. ‘A sheaf gleaned in French Fields ’ was published in 1875 when Tom was just 19 years old. She also wrote ‘Ancient Ballads’. Her poetry, which is highly emotional, describes the glory of heroic deeds, domestic virtues, and nature.

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Sonnet Summary in English

The given ‘Sonnet’ is written by Tom Dutt, a child prodigy who passed away at a very young age leaving behind a remarkable wealth of her poetry.

In this‘Sonnet’, Tom Dutt describes the beauty of the garden around her family bungalow, she tells us that her garden appeared like a ‘sea of foliage’. But, she cautions us not to come to a hasty conclusion and think that it was a sea of dull unvaried green. One could see sharp contrasts of all colours, such as the light – green of the tamarinds which grow abundantly among the mango clumps of green profound ‘dark green’.

In between the tamarind and mango trees the palms arise, sky-high like gray pillars. And the seemul trees lean over the serene ponds in the garden. They are all dashing red in colour which glares in our eyes similar to the startling sound of a trumpet.

The poet is enchanted by the bamboos in the east of the garden. She tells us that no other sight in the garden is as lovely as the bamboo ranges (they appear like mountain ranges) when the moon peeps through their gaps. In the moonlight, while lotus transforms itself into a cap of silver.

The beauty of the garden was so enchanting that one can get intoxicated by beauty and go on gazing at that ‘Primeval Eden’ in utter amazement. Eden is the beautiful garden on earth created for the first human beings of the earth-Adam and eve.

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Sonnet Summary in Kannada

Sonnet Summary in Kannada 1
Sonnet Summary in Kannada 2

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