KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

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Karnataka State Board Class 7 English Prose Chapter 3 A Letter from a Mother

A Letter from a Mother Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Listing, Speaking And Writing

C. Take turns with your partner, the hoy or the girl sitting next to you, to ask or answer these questions. Explain why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the letter where ever necessary. Write down your answer.

Question 1.
This is a letter written by a father to his daughter.
Not True

Question 2.
What, do you think, the age of the daughter could be?
The age of daughter could be 12 or 13.

Question 3.
It is somewhat painful for both parents and the child to be separated.

Question 4.
Why, do you think, the daughter has gone away from home and living in a distant place?
I think the daughter has gone away from home for the purpose of education and also to cultivate the habit of doing their works on their own, to be well-disciplined, strong-minded and persistent, responsible, etc,.

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Question 5.
The mother says, “This is the first time apart.” What does she mean? Explain this to your partner.
‘This is the first time apart”. She meant that they were used to being close all these days. This is the first time both are apart from each other.

Question 6.
The mother says, “……… you will be ready to fly away.” Explain what she means.
“like a bird, you will be ready to fly away”
She meant that like a bird because a bird stays in the nest nurtured by the mother until it develops the strength to fly, it flies out. In the same way, when a child grows up it naturally becomes independent and lives far from their parents.

Question 7.
The mother praises her daughter for her six good qualities. What are they? Scan paragraph 2 and find them. Explain why she praises her so.
The six good qualities the daughter possess are

  1. strong-minded
  2. persistent
  3. not easily discouraged
  4. independent
  5. responsible
  6. taking her parent’s help when she needed it.

The mother praises her daughter because when the daughter was unable to keep pace with the teacher’s teaching speed, she herself made her study cards and also sought her parent’s guidance. When she finally succeeded in this, she learned how to solve her own problems when it arose as well as responsible enough to ask for help and guidance from others.

(The mother praises her daughter to remind her that she can manage any situation as she is capable of thinking independently. She also takes others to help when it is necessary.)

Question 8.
An example of the daughter’s good behaviour is given. What is it?
When the teacher was going faster than she could manage, she herself made study cards and took help from her parents finally succeeded in learning tables. The daughter’s good behaviour is she was independent enough to think about her problems.

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Question 9.
Imagine you are living in a hostel. Tell your partner about your life there.
My hostel life is different from life I had at home. Here I have to be punctual. The dining hall is closed after a specific time. I have to take care of my personal things like cleaning the room, washing clothes. I have to adjust to my roommates. Luckily I have got roommates who have the same thinking as me. I have to switch off the room light at 11 pm.

The hostel gates are close at 7 p. m. sharp. I have to plan ahead what I have to buy and come before that time. I get time to go to the library to refer as well as devote more time to study.

I am able to interact with students who have come from different parts of India. We have a few foreign students who have come here for the student exchange programme. I am slowly getting acquainted with them.

Question 10.
Learning to look after oneself is learning to feel dependent.
(Not True).

Question 11.
Poonam once said to her hostel mate: “Speak up for your needs. Why are you hesitant?”
(Not True)

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Question 12.
What is homesickness? Have you ever felt homesick?
Homesickness happens when someone is separated from home or from familiar people and environment. Everyone feels homesick from time to time.

I have felt homesick often. During weekend, I think of the goodtime I used to have with my family. The picnic we used to go, the long walks with my father, the fights with my brother.

My mother’s delicious food reminds me everyday whenever I eat the hostel food. But every time I tell myself. I am staying in hostel for a specific purpose and a will go back home after that. This makes me happy and overcome homesickness.

Question 13.
Look at the third sentence in paragraph 5. Rewrite it as 3 simple sentences.
Begin like this
Are you homesick?
If so help someone else to overcome homesickness
That may help you feel better.

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Question 14.
What good qualities can hostel life develop. According to Mary Ann Cain? Give examples, (you can use these words: broadmindedness, sympathy, helpfulness.
Hostel life develops the good qualities of being independent, responsible, persistent, broadmindedness, sympathy, helpfulness. According to Mary Ann Cain, hostel life teaches independence, helps to do their work on their own and also cultivate the quality of responsibility.

Sympathy: Whenever we find someone homesick we have to show sympathy and help them to come out from their homesickness. It will even bring ourselves out of homesickness. The hostel life teaches us to show concern about others. Hostel life also teaches us how to cope with new situation and also to overcome the confusion which happens at the times of learning new ways or getting introduced to new people. In hostel life since all the students live under one roof it helps to develop the sense of oneness ie, broadmindedness.

Question 15.
The mother tells her daughter: “It is good to be an introvert.
(Not True).

Question 16.
Is it good to be an introvert or an extrovert? Tell your partner about this.
Extrovert students will make a lot of friends quickly and will have more fun. As they are extrovert in nature, they will take part in group activities and have general fun also. They also learn to depend on each other. Extrovert students increase their smartness, become good sportsmen, develop high tolerance capacity, and also accepting things easily.

On the other hand, students who are introverted will be shy, have low self-esteem. They find it difficult to make friends easily and this leads to frustration in them. They can easily indulge in risky activities like drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Since ragging is more rampant in hostels, these shy introverted ones will have a tough time.

Too much of extrovert or introvert is not good. Extrovert students may not devote much time in their studies as they will be busy with their friends. But introvert can devote and concentrate more in their studies if they want to.

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Exercise: 1

Work with your partner and supply the missing Modals “may”, ‘will” or “can” in the dialogue given below.

Grandmother: (grandma:) We are going to Ragigudda Temple, Ravi.
Ravi: You will have to climb one hundred steps there, Grandma. Can You do that?
Grandmother’s Friend: That may not be difficult for me Shantha, but it may be difficult for Veena.
Grandmother’s Friend: Is this a new car, Ravi?
Ravi: Yes, it is, Veena Aunty, (anti) Bless me. (Touches their feet)
Grandma and friends: May God bless you.
Ravi: Mother, can I take Grandma and aunties to Banashankari Temple?
Mother: Yes, but drive safely, Ravi.
Ravi: I will, mother. (After the Trip)
Mother: Did you have a good trip?
Grandma: Yes, we did, Malathy.
Friends: We must thank Ravi for that.
Ravi: Oh, no, Leela aunty. It was a pleasure for me.
Mother: Ravi, do you know? Veena is flying to her grandson’s place, in France, this Sun day.
Ravi: Take care, Veena Aunty.
Mother: Oh, she will take care of herself. She can speak French.

E. Use of Words:

1. Write the noun for the verb given :
i. choose – choice
ii. live – Livilhood
iii. Lose – Lose
iv. sing – singalong
v. speak – speech
vi. run – runway

2. Write two sentences for each pair of verb and noun
Example: She always chooses her dresses well. Her choices are always good.

1. Verb: If I am given a chance, I will choose to live in the green hills.
noun: I had no choice, but to agree with him

2. Verb: We breathe, so we live.
noun: Our livelihood depends on the work we do.

3. Verb: Even if we lose a fight, we should be Chivalrous enough defeat.
noun: The book, I thought was lost, was found under the bed.

4. Verb: We asked her to sing a ditty.
noun: She agreed to sing but asked us to sing along.

5. Verb: Do not Speak until you are asked to.
noun: The Speech by Dr. Ralam was very inspiring.

6. Verb: Why are you running away?
noun: The plane crashed onto the runway.

3. Write the Verb for the noun given _____
i. bath – bathe.
ii. food – fed.
iii. sale – sells
iv. cheer – cheered
v. check – checked

4. Write two sentences for each pair of words:
Has she had her bath?
No, she is bathing the baby

Noun Verb

1. bath – bathe
Has she had her bath?
No, she is bathing her baby.

2. sale – sells
i. Sale of sarees is from next week.
ii. She sells sarees at more profit

3. Check – Checked
i. Check your bag before going.
ii. Ofcourse, I checked it already.

4. food – fed.
i. Food has to be prepared cleanly.
ii. I fed the baby in the morning.

5. Cheer – cheered
i. Cheer up and forget the past.
ii. Her song cheered me up from my sorrows.

(a person or thing left when all the others have been put into groups)

5. Circle the odd man out and tell your partner the reason for doing so

  1. economics economist sociology history. Economist is a professional all others are study subjects.
  2. drama singer actor dancer Drama is enacted all the others are performers
  3. Tiger, cheetha and leopard are adults animals.

A cub can be any of these animals.

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A Letter from a Mother Additional Questions

Question 1.
How does the mother advices her daughter to overcome homesickness?
Mother advices her daughter that she is not the only one who will be suffering from it, other’s who stays in the hostel feels the same. All are sailors of the same boat. To overcome the sad feeling of homesickness one has to help someone else through their homesickness which helps her to feel better herself when she comes to know that she is not alone suffering in that situation.

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Question 2.
How Can the daughter adjust to her environment?
In a new environment, nobody will be there to care as, at home. So one has to be very careful and look after themselves and they have to ask for whatever they are in need.

Question 3.
How a mother encourages her child to manage herself?
The mother encourages her daughter to tell her not to be afraid to get introduced to new people, they have to look after their own happiness without waiting for someone to look after them. At the same time, the mother also advices her daughter’not to forget to look out for other’s welfare too. This is how the mother fills her daughter with the quality of extrovertness.

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A Letter from a Mother by Mary Ann Cain About The Author:

Mary Ann Cain lives near the bend in one of the three rivers of Fort Wayne, Indiana where she teaches prose writing, rhetoric, and women’s studies at Indiana University, Purdue University, Fort Wayne. Her fiction, memories, and blurred genre work have appeared in numerous journals.

Books written by her are ‘Revisioning “Writers Talk’, ‘OwnffomMoonshine’. ‘Journals: ‘The little Magazine’ (2014) ‘Under the sun’ (2014), ‘Many mountains moving’ (2014) Sun magazine etc.

Prizes won by her are Finalist, when Carolina won a Novel writing contest. Indian an Arts commission Individual Artist grant, Residencies at the Mary Hambridge center for the Arts in Rabun gap, GA, and Hill House writers. Her favorite authors are Carole Maso, Toni Marrison, Barbara Kingsolver.

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A Letter from a Mother Summary in English

A Letter from a Mother Summary in English 1

The Lesson ‘A Letter from a mother ’ is written by Mary Anna Cain. A mother writes a letter to her daughter Poonam who was then studying in a residential school. It is not known what forced the parents to admit her to a residential school. The mother thinks that it is strange to write a letter because her daughter was always close by. They understood each other with few words spoken to each other. But now her daughter is away from home and she is growing up quickly before long her daughter will become independent and will be ready to fly away like a bird. She info trips her that she will be overjoyed to see her strong and confident even though it is sorrow full to be apart from her daughter.

The Mother advices her daughter the advantages of being apart and growing independently. She will be pleased to see her daughter grow up strong-minded and persistent. She was not easily discouraged, even when she didn’t succeed at first. She asks her daughter to remember how she couldn’t do her multiplication tables. The teacher was going fester then her daughter could manage and she was left bad when she was unable to keep up. But she had made her own study cards and asked her mother and father to help her. After that, she would independently solve her own problems but also responsible enough to ask for help to leam.

The mother also writes that she was able to understand that her daughter was in new surroundings at the hostel and it was very dif from home. She advices her daughter to carefully look after herself because no one would care about her comforts.

She advices her daughter to speak up and ask the hostel warden what she needed and at the same time help others to help themselves. If she felt homesick, she should help someone else through their homesickness. This will make her feel better.

The Mother strongly believes that her daughter will make the best experience of her hostel life. It also may be a bit confusing as her daughter needs to learn new ways to act. So she urges her daughter to not be afraid to try new activities or make friends with new people. Finally she advices her daughter to look after her own happiness instead depending on others. She also asks her daughter to look after others’ welfare also.

The Mother is confident that her daughter is capable of such a responsibility, as she had always done it before. She asks her daughter to be careful enough to not let her new surrounding confuse her too much. In the end, she asks her to write back to her at the earliest.

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A Letter from a Mother Summary in Kannada

A Letter from a Mother Summary in Kannada 1
A Letter from a Mother Summary in Kannada 2

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