Karnataka Solutions for Class 8 English Poem Chapter 5 Somebody’s Mother

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Somebody’s Mother Poem Questions and Answers, Notes, Summary

C1. Answer the following question and share your responses with your partner.

Somebody’s Mother Poem Questions Answers Question 1.
What kind of a woman do you find in this poem?
The woman was very old, poor, and very weak. She was not able to tolerate that severe cold.

Somebody’s Mother Poem Question Answer Question 2.
Where was the woman standing? Why was she standing there?
The woman was standing at the crossroad to cross the road.

Somebody’s Mother Poem Notes Question 3.
Why was the woman very anxious?
She was very anxious because the road was very busy and slippery. She was weak and couldn’t cross it alone.

Somebody’s Mother Question Answers Question 4.
What are the children compared to?
The school children came there like flocks of sheep.

8th Standard English Poem Somebody’s Mother Question 5.
Did the boys lend the old woman a helping hand?
No, the boys didn’t lend a helping hand to the woman.

Somebody’s Mother Questions And Answers Question 6.
Why was the old woman hesitating to cross the street?
She was very weak and her legs were trembling with cold. She had no courage to cross such a busy and slippery road. So she was hesitating to cross the road.

Read and write:
C2. Read and discuss your responses with your partner. Then write:

Summary Of Somebody’s Mother  Question 1.
How did the boy help the old woman?
When the boy saw this old woman waiting to cross the road, he ran to her and asked in a low voice that if she agreed, he could help her to cross the road. He took her aged hand in his strong young arms, he guided her trembling feet along and crossed the road without hurt or harm.

Question 2.
What made the boy happy?
The boy was full of love and compassion and he might have been taught the importance of helping the needy by his parents, when he did the same, he got satisfaction and joy.

Question 3.
What did the boy tell his friends?
The boy told his friends that she was somebody’s mother, aged, poor and slow, so he helped her. Some day his own mother would be in a similar situation, someone else would help her when he is not there.

Question 4.
What did the old woman say in her prayers that night? Why?
That night at home, the old lady prayed for the boy who had helped her to cross the road. Her heart was overflowing with gratitude and pride. She prayed, “God be kind to him, Somebody’s Son.

Question 5.
Do you like this poem? Why or why not?
Yes, I like this poem. Because the helping nature and kindness of the boy inspired many readers to do the same. This shows that we gain happiness if we help others.

C3. Answer the following as directed:-

Question 1.
Pick out the rhyming words in the poem, and read them aloud.
The rhyming words are grey-day, snow-slow, long-throng, by-eye, shout out, sheep-deep, grey-way, her-stir, feet-street, troop-group, low-go, arm-harm, along-strong, went-content, know-slow, hand-stand, grey- away, head-said, boy-joy.

Question 2.
Name the figure of speech in these lines:

  1. ….came boys….like a flock of sheep. What are the boys compared to? Simile
    The boys are compared to a flock of sheep. The Comparison is direct and used the word like.
  2. Her aged hand on his strong young arm. Synecdoche.

Somebody’s Mother Poem Additional Questions and Answers


Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:

Question 1.
Nor offered a helping hand to her, So meek, so timid, afraid to stir.
a) Who is ‘her’?
b) Who did not offer help to her?
c) Why was the lady afraid to stir?
a) The old woman.
b) The children who came that way.
c) The lady was old and bent and her feet aged and slow. So, she was afraid to stir.

Question 2.
God be kind to the noble boy Who is somebody’s son and pride and joy.
a) Who said this prayer?
b) Who is the noble boy referred to?
c) Why did she pray for him?
a) The old woman.
b) The boy who had helped her cross the road.
c) Because of all the boys in the group, he was the only one who had helped her.

Multiple Choice Questions

Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/ incomplete statements. Choose the most appropriate one.

Question 1.
The poem ‘Somebody’s Mother’ is written by
A) Mary Dow Brine
B) Isaac Watts
C) Sarojini Naidu
D) Rudyard Kipling
A) Mary Dow Brine

Question 2.
‘Hailing the snow, piled white and deep’. The word ‘hailing’ means
A) clearing
B) welcoming
C) attracting
D) digging
B) welcoming

Somebody’s Mother Poem Summary in English

Here the poetess tells us that we should help those who are in need. Kindness is a virtue. It multiplies and comes to us in one or the other way. It was a winter evening. An old woman was waiting to cross a busy road near a school. She was very old and her hair was gray and she was very poor. Her dress was tom. She was a lone woman. She was waiting for a long time. Nobody looked at her nor even glanced at her. Suddenly children come out of school as it closed for the day. They passed the lonely old woman but non paid any attention to the old lady.

The poor old woman stood by the road as she fared that she would be trampled under the horse’s feet ‘or the carriage wheels. A group of happy boys comes there, it so happened that one of the boys, very cheerful and lively, saw this old woman waiting to cross the road. He ran to her and helped her to cross the road. She put her aged hand on his strong young arm. The boy guided the trembling feet and supported her by his firm and strong arms.

Later he explained to his friends that one day his own mother could be in a similar situation and that someone else would, help her. At home that night, the old lady prayed for the boy who had helped her to cross the road. Her heart was overflowing with gratitude and pride. She prayed ‘God, be kind to him, somebody’s son!”

Somebody’s Mother Poem Summary in Kannada

Somebody's Mother Poem Summary in Kannada 1
Somebody's Mother Poem Summary in Kannada 2

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