KSEEB Solutions for Class 9 Geography Chapter 2 Physiographic Divisions of Karnataka

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 9 Social Science Geography Chapter 2 Physiographic Divisions of Karnataka

Class 9 Social Science Physiographic Divisions of Karnataka Textual Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Question 1.
Island is located near Maple is ___________
St. Mary.

Question 2.
Sahyadris is the name given to ___________Ghats in Karnataka.

KSEEB Solutions

Question 3.
Agumbe Ghat links ___________ and _________
Shivamogga, Kundapur.

Question 4.
The Kashmir of Karnataka is __________

II. Discuss in groups and answer the following questions :

Question 1.
Mention the important physical divisions of Karnataka.
The important physical divisions are :

  1. The Coastal Plain,
  2. The Malnad Region,
  3. The Maiden Region.

Question 2.
Write a note on the relief features of the Malnad region.
Malnad runs parallel to the coastline from north to west. Generally, the Western Ghats are referred to as Malnad of the land of hills. They are also called Sahyadri. These hills obstruct rain-bearing winds from the Arabian sea and cause heavy rainfall more than 200 cms. The highest peaks in this region are Mullaiyanagiri, Kudaremukh, Rudragiri, etc. The important mountain passes are Charmudi Ghat, Shiradi Ghat, Agumbe Ghat. Hulikal Ghat.

Since the Malnad region receives heavy rainfall, it has covered evergreen forests. The important waterfalls in this region are Jog Falls, Magod, Gokak, Shivanasamudra and Abbey Falls. The most important crops grown are coffee, tea, spices, rubber, paddy, etc. The districts located in this region are Shivamogga, Hassan, Kodagu, Chikkamagaluru.

Question 3.
Give an account on the coastal plains of Karnataka.
The coastal plains of Karnataka lie between the Arabian sea and Malnad region. This coastline extends to 320 km. from Mangaluru in the South and to Karwar in the North. This region is also called “the Canara or the Karnataka Coastline”. The ports along the coastline are ‘New Mangaluru’, Bhatkal, Malpe, Karwar, Kumta, Belekere, etc. Many beautiful beaches are here. They are Panambur, Ullal, Someshwar, Malpe, Karwar, Murdeshwar, Om beach near Gokarna. The main occupations of this region are fishing and agriculture. The main crops grown here are cashew, coconut, cardamom, and paddy. Dakshina Kannada, Uttar Kannada, Udupi districts are located here.

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Question 4.
Name the main hills of Southern maidan.
The main hills of Southern maidan are Chitradurga hills, Narayana Durga, Shivaganga, Madhugiri hills, Channakeshava hill, Kavaledurga, Adichunchanagiri, and Biligirirangana hill.

Question 5.
Mention the mountain passes in the Western Ghats.
The mountain passes in the Western Ghats are :

  1. Charmudi Ghat: It links Mangaluru and Chikmagalur.
  2. Shiradi Ghat: It links Hassan – Sakaleshpur – Mangaluru.
  3. Agumbe Ghat: It links Shivamogga and Udupi.
  4. Hulikal Ghat: It links Shivamogga and Kundapur.

III. Match the following :

                                        A                                              B
1. Jog falls  a. Mangaluru
2. Om beach b. Northern maidan
3. Nandi hill station  c. Sharavati river
4. Monolith hill  d. Gokarna
5. Land of sunshine  e. Chikballapur
 f. Madhug

1. – (c)
2. – (d)
3. – (e)
4. – (f)
5. -(b)

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