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Treasure Island Questions and Answers, Notes, Summary

Comprehension Questions:

I. Answer briefly the following questions:

Question 1.
What was Admiral Benbow?
It was an inn in a small bay in the west of England, managed by Jim Hawkins’ father and mother.

Question 2.
Who was the guest who took up a room in Admiral Benbow?
Bill, a wizened old seaman, took up a room in Admiral Benbow.

Question 3.
What was his cherished possession?
An old sea-chest.

Question 4.
Why did he give Jim four pence?
He told young Jim to be on the look-out for a seafaring type of man with one leg.

Question 5.
Why was Billy looking out to sea every evening?
Billy was afraid that pirates from Captain Flint’s crew were coming there to steal his old sea-chest.

Question 6.
Describe the encounter between Billy and the mysterious seafaring man.
The mysterious seafaring man argued with Billy, and soon both of them were fighting furiously. Wounded, the stranger was put to flight, but Billy was left stretched out on the floor, gasping for breath.

Question 7.
What is the black spot?
The black spot was a pirate summons; Billy had been a member of the notorious Captain Flint’s crew, and he was afraid the pirates would come and steal his sea-chest.

Question 8.
What did Jim and his mother take from Billy’s sea chest before they fled the inn?
Jim’s mother took as many coins as would be sufficient to cover the old pirate’s rent, and not a half penny more, while Jim found an intriguing bundle of papers, wrapped in oilcloth, which he pocketed as payment for his services.

Question 9.
What important document did the bundle of papers contain?
The bundle of papers contained a treasure map, showing where the pirate Captain Flint had buried all the looted treasure.

Question 10.
Who did Jim give it to?
Jim gave it to the Squire and the doctor who were dining together.

Question 11.
How did Blind Pew die?
As the pirates were escaping, one of the horses of the revenue officers knocked down Blind Pew and he fell down dead.

Question 12.
What arrangement did squire Trelawney and Dr. Livesey make for a voyage for treasure hunt?
The squire travelled to Bristol, where he bought a fine schooner called The Hispaniola, as well as hiring a sea- captain. The ship’s cook was to be a one-legged old sailor called Long John Silver, who ha given Squire Trelawney invaluable help in picking the rest of the crew.

Question 13.
There are 2 Captain Flints in the story. Who are they?
One of them is the notorious leaders of the pirates, Captain Flint who had buried the treasure on the treasure- island. The second one is Long John Silver’s pet parrot which goes on squawking: “Pieces of eight Pieces of eight!”

Question 14.
Who was nicknamed Barbecue? And why?
Long John Silver, the one-legged old sailor, was nicknamed Barbecue because he was the cook on board The Hispaniola.

Question 15.
Why was Capt. Smollett unhappy?
Captain Smollett was unhappy because he had had no hand in choosing his crew, and was unhappier still that everyone knew that they were sailing for treasure.

Question 16.
What was John Silver’s treacherous plan? ‘
John Silver was planning to kill the skipper, the squire and the doctor once the treasure was found.

Question 17.
How did Jim come to know about it?
Late one evening, when Jim was looking for an apple to eat, he happened to climb right into the nearly empty apple-barrel. While he was sitting hidden inside it, he overheard a conversation between Long John Silver and the ship’s coxswain.

Question 18.
Why did Capt. Smollett says that the odds were stacked against their survival?
Of the twenty-six people abroad the ship, there were only seven upon whom Captain Smollett could rely, and this made him say that the odds were stacked against their survival.

Question 19.
How does Jim manage to escape to the island?
When the ship was at anchor, acting more on instinct than anything else, Jim hid himself abroad the boat that rowed ashore, and as soon as the coas was clear, made a run for the shelter of the nearby undergrowth.

Question 20.
Who is Ben Gunn?
When Jim was running away from Long John Silver who hd just then stabbed a pirate, he stopped to catch his breath and found himself facing a wild-looking man, dressed all in rags. He announced that he was poor Ben Gunn.

Question 21.
Why and how was Ben left marooned on the island?
Ben had been on Captain Flint’s ship when the treasure was buried. The wicked pirate had taken six men ashore with him to hide the booty and murdered them all so its location remained a secret. Ben had returned on another * ship to look for the treasure three years back, but when they could not find it, his shipmates had left him marooned on the island.

Question 22.
Why did Capt. Smollett and others consider the stockade an ideal place for them?
When they reached the shore, Captain Smollett and the others saw the sturdy log cabin, with loopholes for muskets in its walls, protected by a perimeter fence of stout wooden paling, six-feet high. They decided this stockade was as good a place as any to make a stand against the pirates.

Question 23.
What was Sliver’s demand for a truce? What was Capt? Smollett’s response?
John Silver offered to spare the defenders’ lives if they gave him the treasure map. Captain Smollett refused him point blank, saying the pirate’s word was not worth a rotten ship’s biscuit, and that they had no intention of giving up the treasure map anyway.

Question 24.
What was the result of the attack of the pirates on the stockade?
When the pirates attacked the stockade, the defenders retreated into the log cabin, from which they exchanged musket fire with the pirates. Suddenly, several attackers swarmed over the perimeter fence. Two were shot down, one retreated, but four of them made it to the cabin wall, where they were able to shoot in through the building’s loopholes at will. Realizing the tables had been turned, the defenders rushed outside and fought the pirates hand-to-hand. A few minutes later, the pirates lay dead, but two of the squire’s man had perished as well, and the captain was wounded.

Question 25.
What surprise awaited Jim when he returned to the stockade?
Very pleased that he had captured the ship and taken it to a safe place, Jim made his way back to the stockade, but to his horror, it was Long John Silver and the pirates who greeted 1 him. For some reason, the doctor had given it up to them along with the treasure map.

Question 26.
Give any two examples of Jim’s acts of bravery.
One act of bravery was shooting down his attacker dead on board The Hispaniola, and the second act was that of revealing to John Silver and the other pirates that it was he who had uncovered their plot and it was he who had taken the ship.

Question 27.
On what condition was Silver willing, to surrender to Capt. Smollett?
Silver was willing to surrender to Captain Smollett if he were given the promise of lenient treatment.

Question 28.
Why did the pirates serve the back! spot on Silver?
The pirates were very angry at losing so many men and being marooned, and so gave Long John Silver the black spot.

Question 29.
Why had the doctor given the pirates the stockade and the treasure map?
The doctor had gone to find Ben Gunn. When he learned that Ben Gunn had already found the treasure and taken it to his cave, and also saw that the ship had vanished, he gave the Pirates the treasure map, which was now useless, and let them have the stockade, where he was sure they would go down with malaria.

Question 30.
Why did the pirates accuse Silver and Jim of treachery?
The pirates, along with Silver and Jim, came to the giant tree that marked the spot where Captain Flint had buried the bulk of his treasure. Then they saw a gaping hole under the tree in the ground, that had obviously been dug several months ago. The despairing pirates dug the earth at the bottom of the hole with their bare hands, but the treasure had gone. Then they turned on Long John Silver and Jim, accusing them of treachery.

Question 31.
Why did the captain want to sail to the Spanish Americas?
The captain wanted to sail there because they were short of men, and they could take on more men in the nearby Spanish Americas.

Question 32.
What did Silver do at the end?
When they reached the mainland, Long John Silver managed to slip off the board, taking with him some 400 in coins.

Treasure Island Summary in English

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 1 Treasure Island

This story unfolds in a seaside inn named Admiral Benbow owned by Jim Hawkins family.

One day an old seaman named Billy arrives at the inn and takes a room there. His cherished possession was an old sea- chest.

Several weeks after his arrive an evil looking sailor comes to the inn. Billy has a fight with him which results in the evil man being wounded. He runs away, and Billy falls exhausted on the floor. He suffers a fatal seizure.

Jim and his mother go through his cherished chest and discover a treasure map. Jim’s mother took only that much money as Billy owed. Jim shows it to Squire Trelawney and Doctor Livesey.

They plan a voyage to the island where the treasure is hidden. The squire travels to Bristol where he purchased a ship named The Hispaniola. He hires a sea-captain and staffs it with sailors recommended by the one-legged cook – Long John Silver.

When they sail towards the treasure island Jim inadvertently overhears a conversation among, Silver and some of the crew members.

They were planning a mutiny. They had also been on the ship that had carried the treasure that Jim and his friends were seeking.

Jim relates all he has heard to his friends. When they reach the island, fighting breaks out among the two groups.

Jim hides on the island and over their meets – Ben Gunn, another ex-crew member, who had been marooned on that island three years back.
They become friends as Ben Gunn agree to help Jim. In the meantime, Trelawney and Livesey along with the loyal crew members row ashore. They find a stockade which they take for themselves.

Long John Silver tries to negotiate with them but to no avail. Jim steals of to the ship and cuts the ropes, setting it adrift.
When he returns to the stockade he finds that his friends have given the map to the pirates.

The next day, when the pirates go to the spot where the treasure is hidden, they find that it is gone.

This angers the pirates and they attacked Silver and Jim, but the Squire and doctor save them.

They then go to Gunn’s cave to recover the hidden treasure. Silver surrenders to them.

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KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Solutions

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