1st PUC English Grammar Notes Articles and Prepositions

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Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Articles and Prepositions

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate articles and prepositions given in brackets:

Question 1.
Once upon a time an elephant made friendship _________ a man. One day _________ heavy thunderstorm broke, out; the elephant went to his friend who had a little hut _________ the edge of _________ forest. (a, the, with, on, on, at)
with, a, on, the.

Question 2.
“My dear good friend, your skin Is harder than mine, there is not enough room _________ both of us, you can afford _________ remain In _________ rain while I am protecting my delicate skin from _________ hailstorm”. (a, for, by. the, to, in) ,
for, to, the, a.

Question 3.
“My Lord, there is no disturbance of the peace _________ your kingdom. I have only been having _________ little discussion _________ my friend here as to _________ possession of this little hut”. (an, with, the, a, in, for)
In, a, with, the.

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Question 4.
_________ seeing the personnel, _________ man protested and asked lilt was not necessary to include _________ this Commission _________ member from his side. (in, a, on, on, the)
On, the, in, a.

Question 5.
“Gentlemen of _________ jungle, there is no need _________ me to waste your valuable
time_________ relating _________ story which I am sure you all know’.(in, a, with, of, for, the)
the, for. In, a.

Question 6.
“My good man, please confine yourself _________ relevant issues. We have already heard
the circumstances_________ various unbiased sources; all we wish you to tell us is whether
_________ undeveloped space in your hut was occupied _________ anyone else before
Mr. Elephant assumed his position”. (a, from, by, to, an, the)
to, from, the, by.

Question 7.
_________ our opinión this dispute has arisen through _________ regrettable misunderstanding clue to _________ backwardness _________ your ideas.
(from, of in, o, the, on)
In, a, the, of.

Question 8.
Early one morning, when _________ huts already occupied _________ the jungle lords were
all beginning to decay and fall to pieces, he went out and built, bigger and better
hut a little distance away _________ the jungle. (on, by, o, the, in, from)
the, by, a, from.

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Question 9.
_________ coffee seedbed has to be protected from _________ sun _________ putting up a
shade _________ it. (the, of, a, on, over, by)
A, the, by, over.

Question 10.
This creeper has small leaves resembling betel leaves and bears fruits _________ a bunch like grapes. Immediately after _________ rains, this plant comes up and flowers very quickly put forth flowers and fruits and die in _________ very short time. As It is not seen for most of the year it is tied _________ a tree. (on, in, the, to, a, on)
in, the, a, to.

Question 11.
Mara decided to brush his teeth and wash his face _________ trekking back home. When he broke _________ small stick from a nearby plant to brush a third or fourth time, he felt a sour taste in _________ mouth. He thought that there was something wrong _________ the stick and threw it. (a, with, in, the, for, before)
before, a, the, with.

Question 12.
_________ Mara’s house they got ready to cook. They prepared _________ masala _________
spices put the water to boll and opened the packet to take out the meat. Instead of the meat, there was _________ live wild buck. (a, in, the, an, to, with)
In, the, with, a.

Question 13.
It was quite _________ big city in the valley of a mountain, some thousand five hundred miles _________ home, _________ Inhabitants of which had never been known _________ the
quality of mercy. (the, a, for, from, by, to)
a, from, the, for.

Question 14.
The narrator stayed in the city In _________ small dingy room. By tradition _________ people there were professional soldiers. Some _________ them went to distant places and lent out money __________ interest. (of in, the, to, on, on, o)
a, the, of, on.

Question 15.
Babar Ah must be the youngest headmaster in the world. The story of this young man _________ Murshidabad in West Bengal is _________ remarkable tale _________ the desire to learn amid _________ direst poverty. . (in, from, of, o, the, on)
from, a, of, the.

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Question  16.
Babar lives _________ his three siblings and his parents _________ a thatched house which is __________ size of __________ average city kitchen. (the, a, on, in, with, for)
with, in, the, an.

Question 17.
Clad in widow’s whites, stick _________ hand, Tutu Rani Hazra Is_________ illiterate fishmonger by morning and __________ crusading educationalist __________ afternoon.
(an, the, in, by, on, a)
in, an, a, by.

Question 18.
Babar Au’s tale is a testament to _________ difference that one person can make _________ his/ her world. In this case it was _________ mere child who decided to do something
a situation he felt was unfair. (about, the, by, o, on, In)
the, in, a, about.

Question 19.
On the Eastern base _________ Baba Budan Hills .n Karnataka State, there is obscure
little place now called Sakkarepatna, which _________ one time, a thousand or more years
ago, was _________ capital of a king called Rukmangada. (at, on, a, the, of, in)
of, an, at, the.

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Question 20.
Verona is_________ lovely city, rich _________ history, with quiet medieval streets and splendid buildings_________ an exquisite pale honey colour. Romeo and Juliet are reputed to have lived there. Bombed in _________ recent war, It has lost its bridges, but not its gaiety or charm. (the, o, In, of, from)
a, in, of. the.

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