1st PUC English Grammar Notes Subject-Verb Agreement

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Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Subject-Verb Agreement

Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject:

Question 1.
A man _________ (have/has) a little hut at the edge of the forest. An elephant _________
(makes/make) friendship with him. One day during heavy rain, the elephant_________ (request/ requests) him to allow to put his trunk inside the hut.
has, makes, requests.

Question 2.
The commission of enquiry _________ (give/gives) judgment in favour of Mr. Elephant. Then the man _________ (builds/build) a new hut. But, Mr. Rhinoceros _________ (occupy/occupies) the new hut and drives the man away.
gives, builds, occupies.

Question 3.
The man _________ (goes/go) on building new huts one by one. Every time he _________
(lose/loses) his hut to one or the other animal. Finally, he _________ (gathers/gather) all the animals in the bigger hut and burns them to ashes.
goes, loses, gathers, burns.

Question 4.
Mara said, “the medicinal creeper _________ (have/has) been cursed by a sage. The curse
_________ (are/ls) that when somebody needs it, they shall not find it. So, when you _________ (finds/find) it, you must tie it to a nearby tree”.
has, is, find.

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Question 5.
The medicinal creeper_________ (has/have) small leaves resembling betel leaves. It _________ (bear/bears) fruits in a bunch like grapes. The plant _________ (comes/come) up only in the rainy season.
has, bears, comes.

Question 6.
Now, the forest _________ (is/are) disappearing and the people who _________ (know/knows) about the medicinal creeper are leaving us one by one. One must realize that If one _________ (disappears/disappear), the other becomes useless.
is, know, disappears.

Question 7.
The native doctor _________ (believes/believe) that if they tell others about their medicines, the medicines will _________ (lose/loses) their potency. As a result, India’s native medicinal systems _________ (are/ls) on the verge of extinctioñ.
believe, lose, are.

Question 8.
The narrator_________ (stay/stays) in a small, dingy room in the big city. Some migrant labourers _________ (are/is) also staying there. He _________ (teach/teaches) English to them to earn money.
stays, are, teaches.

Question 9.
The narrator said, I _________ (sleeps/sleep) all day and wake up in the evening. This_________ (is/are) to save the expense of eating the noon meal. So far, I _________ (has/have) saved fourteen rupees”.
sleep, is, have.

Question 10.
The narrator _________ (get/gets) ready to go to the restaurant. He _________(puts/put) his wallet in the coat pocket. He _________ (have/has) fourteen rupees in his wallet.
gets, puts, has.

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Question 11.
Babar All _________ (start/starts) his day by doing some household chores. Then he _________ (takes/take) an auto rickshaw first and later _________ (walk/walks) five kilometers to his school where he is a class XII student.
starts, takes, walks.

Question 12.
After the classes, other students _________ (goes/go) to the playground. But, Babar Au
_________ (make/makes) his way to an afternoon school where he _________ (are/Is) the
go, makes, is.

Question 13.
There _________ (is/are) 800 students in Anand Shiksha Nikethan. Babar Ali _________ (glve/ gives) the lessons just the way he has heard them from his teachers. The students _________  (enjoys/enjoy) his way of teaching.
are, gives, enjoy.

Question 14.
It is easier to enroll kids who . (is/are) not old enough. Class I and Il _________ (has/ have) over 200 students. They _________ (studies/study) 10 subjects.
are, have, study

Question 15.
The teaching staff of Anand Shiksha Nikethan _________ (are/ls) made up of high school student volunteers. They _________ (is/are) helping Babar Ali in making a difference. Among them, Debarita Bhattacharya _________ (go/goes) to college in Behrampur. .
Is, are, goes.

Question 16.
Mara _________ (spring/springs) like a buck and _________ (runs/run) up a hill. The village
headman _________ (order/orders) his men to catch Mard.
springs, runs, orders.

Question 17.
Mara said, tml will _________ (sits/sit) in the temple and _________ (pray/prays) to God. If the God in the temple _________ (thinks/think) I have work to do, he will take me out”.
sit, pray, thinks.

Question 18.
The Goddess _________ (has/have) come in Mara’s dream. She says Veda _________ (are/Is) her plaything. She _________ (wants/want) the king to construct a tank to Veda.
has, is, wants.

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Question 19.
Mara _________ (see/sees) a man fishing in the lake. He _________ (warns/warn) him not to
fish in the lake again. He _________ (feels/feel) proud in discharging his duties of a watchman.
sees, warns, feels.

Question 20.
Frederick Douglass _________(Is/are) born in Maryland. He_________ (do/does) not remember to have ever met a slave who can tell of his birthday. The slaves _________ (remember/ remembers) them nearer to spring time or harvest time.
is, does, remember.

Question 21.
Douglas5’ mother _________ (walk/walks) about 12 miles to meet him. She _________ (is/are) hired by Mr. Stewart. She _________ (has/have) to return at sunrise to the farm after meeting her son.
walks, is, has.

Question 22.
I (has/have) had two masters. My first master’s name (was/were) Anthony.
He _________ (was/were) not considered a rich slave holder.
have, was, was.

Question 23.
The master _________ (Is/are) compelled to sell the mulatto children. If he _________
(do/does) not do this, he (has/have) to stand and sec his white son whip his brother
who is a few shades darker.
is, does, has.

The two boys_________ (was/were) selling wild strawberries. Our driver Luigi said,
(don’t/doesn’t) buy them. You can _________ (get/gets) better fruits in Verona”.
were, don’t, get.

Question 25.
The two boys _________ (was/were) sitting in a deserted square. A bundle of unsold papers _________ (was/were) at their feet. Jacopo _________ (was/were) asleep on his brother’s shoulder.
were, was, was.

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Question 26.
The two boys _________ (was/were) seated at the bedside of a beautiful girl. She _________
(was/were) listening to their chatter. She _________ (was/were) wearing a pretty lace jacket.
were, was, was.

Question 27.
The two boys _________ (has/have) accepted the responsibility with dignity and courage.
This selfless action of the boys _________ (give/gives) us a hope that there still _________
(exist/exists) nobility In human society.
have, gives, exists.

The nurse _________ (take/takes) the narrator through the vestibule into the hospital.
The hospital _________(was/were) a villa. The floors_________ (was/were) waxed and polished.
takes, was, were.


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