1st PUC English Grammar Notes Word Order

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Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Word Order

Rearrange the segments to form meaningful sentences:

1. your trunk In / please put / gently
2. peace and tranquility / wanted to have / the hon / In his kingdom.
3. a good deed/and one day / I shall return / you have done me/ your kindness.
4. with the findings / I am sure / you will be pleased / of the Commission of Enquiry.
5. regarded It as my duty / I have always / of my friends / to protect the interest.
6. to save his hut / he invited me / by the hurricane / from being blown away.
7. fool people / you can / but not forever / for a time.
8. right side of his mouth / Mara did not have / any teeth / on the
9. ignorantly took the leaves / Mara’s wife / Into the fire / and threw them
lo. was completely cured f Krishna / In five days
11. was considered / learning to write / great education there / an address in English
12. a fair complexioned man / six foot tall / with a red turban / there stood / and white trousers

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13. great deed / done a / you have
14. gave a loud guffaw / startling everyone around / the owner
15. to get a proper education / is the first member / Babar Ah / In his family
16. believes that / education is / Nasiruddin Sheikh / a man’s true religion
17. his own school / Ba bar Ah / of starting/took the initiative
18. the expense / but Is worth/peace Is costly
19. as a rikshaw driver / to his job/bid goodbye / Krishna
20. about human beings / I have some vague notions.
21. a full meal / I ate / chapatis and meat curry / consisting of
22. under the I teaches his students / Babar Ah /open sky
23. gives lessons / just the way / from his teachers / he has heard / Babar All
24. at the / started his school / Babar All / mere age of nine
25. of nine / the teaching staff / high school volunteers / is made up of
26. is a testament / that one person /in his or her world / Babar All’s tale/to the difference /can make
27. that we want to see / that we be the change / isn’t it high time / in this world?
28. and ran up the hill / like a buck / he sprang off
29. Harriet Bailey / my mother / was named
30. of my age / no accurate knowledge / I have
31. ever seeing my mother / I do not / by the light of the day/recollect of
32. hardened by / a cruel man / of slaveholding / a long life / he was
33. before I go? / I can do/is there anything / for you
34. you picked fruit / I thought / for a living
35. was steady / Nicola’s smile / and engaging
36. happy family party / I could not / upon this/I felt / bear to intrude
37. in vexation / Nicola / at his younger brother / was glaring
38. was their / to work / what stuck one most / unremitting willingness
39. to keep away / have I not / from her/told you I ?
40. before me/the Goddess / stood
41. promised to f back there / she has /wait till / she sees me
42. is my plaything /the Goddess of the lake / I am / and that river Veda
43. darker complexion / than either my / my mother / was of a / grandmother or grandfather.

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44. to have ever met / I do not remember/a slave / of his birthday / who could tell
45. greeted us / with friendly faces /they
46. must be saving / to America / to emigrate / you
47. every hope / that she will / there is / walk and sing again
48. the people / I looked at/around me
49. of my hut / and shut the door / my son in /I called
50. have I said / to offend you / what / so much sir?

  1. Please put your trunk in gently.
  2. The Ion wanted to have peace and tranquility in his kingdom.
  3. You have done me a good deed and one day I shall return your kindness.
  4. I am sure you will be pleased with the findings of the Commission of Enquiry.
  5. I have always regarded it as my duty to protect the interest of my friends.
  6. He Invited me to save his hut from being blown away by the hurricane.
  7. You can fool people for a time but not forever.
  8. Mara did not have any teeth on the right side of his mouth.
  9. Mara’s wife ignorantly took the leaves and threw them into the fire.
  10. Krishna was completely cured in five days.
  11. Learning to write an address in English was considered great education there.
  12. There stood a fair complex, oned man, six foot tall, with a red turban and white trousers.
  13. You have done a great deed.
  14. The owner gave a loud guffaw startling everyone around.
  15. Babar Ah is the first member in his family to get a proper education.
  16. Nasiruddiri Sheikh believes that education Is a man’s true religion.
  17. Babar Ah took the initiative of starting his own school.
  18. Peace Is costly but is worth the expense.
  19. Krishna bid goodbye to his job as a rickshaw driver.
  20. I have some vague notions about human beings.
  21. I ate a full meal consisting of chapatis and meat curry.
  22. Babar Ah teaches his students under the open sky.
  23. Babar All gives lessons just the way he has heard from his teachers.
  24. Ba bar Ahi started his school at the mere age of nine.
  25. The teaching staff of nine is made up of high school volunteers.
  26. Babar Airs’ tale is a testament to the difference that one person can make in his or her world.
  27. Isn’t it high time that we be the change that we want to see In this world?
  28. He sprang off and ran up the bill like a buck.
  29. My mother was named Harriet Bailey.
  30. I have no accurate knowledge of my age.
  31. I do not recollect of ever seeing my mother by the light of the day.
  32. He was a cruel man hardened by a long life of slave holding.
  33. Before I go, is there anything I can do for you?
    Is there anything I can do for you before I go?
  34.  I thought you picked fruit for a living.
  35. Nicola’s smile was steady and engaging.
  36. I felt I could not bear to Intrude upon this happy family party.
  37. Nicola was glaring at his younger brother in vexation.
  38. What struck one most was their unremitting willingness to work.
  39. Have I not told you to keep away from her?
  40. The Goddess stood before me.
  41. She has promised to wait till she sees me back there.
  42. I am the Goddess of the lake and that river Veda is my plaything.
  43. My mother was of a darker complexion than either my grandmother or grandfather.
  44. I do not remember to have ever met a slave who could tell of his birthday.
  45. They greeted us with friendly faces.
  46. You must be saving to emigrate to America.
  47. There is every hope that she will walk and sing again.
  48. I looked at the people around me.
  49. I called my son in and shut the door of my hut.
  50. What have I said to offend you so much?
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