2nd PUC English Grammar Notes Jumbled Words

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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Grammar Notes Jumbled Words

Rewrite the jumbled segments to form a meaningful sentence.
1. a real/there is/this/in/toy kingdom/kinglet
There is a real kinglet in this toy kingdom.

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2. can’t earn/labour/you/stone palaces/by honest
You can’t earn stone palaces by honest labor.

3. they/mind/killing people/in/war/don’t
They don’t mind killing people in war.

4. 1994/Navdanya farm/started/was/in
Navdanya farm was started in 1994.

5. teaches/Earth University/the/Earth Democracy
The Earth University teaches Earth Democracy.

6. by/inspired/is/Tagore/the earth University
The Earth University is inspired by Tagore.

7. old lady/white-haired/Dona Laura/a/was
Dona Laura was a white-haired old lady.

8. Don Gonzalo/handkerchief/his/used/as a shoe brush
Don Gonzalo used his handkerchief as a shoe brush.

9. has made/the snuff/peace/Laura and Gonzalo/between
The snuff has made peace between Laura and Gonzalo.

10. silver maiden/the/called/Dona Laura/was
Dona Laura was called the silver maiden.

11. the bench/are/three priests/on/sitting
Three priests are sitting on the bench.

12. agriculture/was/in/well versed/the old man
The old man was well versed in agriculture.

13. all/forgot/Basavaiah’s death/his songs/after/Tamanna
Tamanna forgot all his songs after Basavaiah’s death.

14. apple/to become/the child’s foot/an/wants
The child’s foot wants to become an apple.

15. first literary/Borges’/reading/Grimm’s Fairy tales/was
Grimm’s Fairy Tales was Borges’ first literary reading.

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16. person/extraordinary/an/was/mother/Borges’
Borges’ mother was an extraordinary person.

17. aesthetic/is/poetry/act/an
Poetry is an aesthetic act.

18. that is/near/far/all/becomes
All that is far becomes near.

19. bowing/in/Japanese culture/a natural practice/is
Bowing is a natural practice in Japanese culture.

20. expensive/in/are/motor cars/Brazil
Motor cars are expensive in Brazil.

21. young man/popular/a/Roof/was
Roof was a popular young man.

22. movement/is/cycling/a/social
Cycling is a social movement.

23. books/that/never/will/I/disappear/believe
I believe that books will never disappear.

24. fond/Gonzalo/good/of/verses/was
Gonzalo was fond of good verses.

25. his assistant/Roof/five elders/besides/in the room/and/were/there
There were five elders in the room besides Roof and his assistant.

26. another shilling/got up/gave/Roof/each man/again/and
Roof got up again and gave each man another shilling.

27. a lot of/had lately been/he/firewood/himself/taking down
He himself had lately been taking down a lot of firewood.

28. every five years/exercise power/the great day/the people/when
The great day every five years when the people exercise power.

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29. he/of the booth/had gone in/Roof/as jauntily as/went out
Roof went out of the booth as jauntily as he had gone in.

30. the famous/wrote/cycling song/he/that has become/their anthem
He wrote the famous cycling song that has become their anthem.

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