2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Phrasal Verbs

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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Phrasal Verbs

Form as many phrasal verbs as you can from the cloud below.
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Come in, come back, come down, come up, come off, go in, go out, go back, go down, go up, go away, give in, give out, give back, give up, give away, take off, take in, take out, take back, take over, take down, take up, take away, look in, look out, look back, look over, look down, look for, look up, look away, look into, put off, put in, put out, put back, put down, put up.

KSEEB Solutions


Fill in the blanks using the appropriate form of the expressions given below:
I. (give off, get through, go into, look into, go off, come down, keep up, come off, makeup, run into, give up, take down, put out, put off, come up, set up, turn up)

1. Don’t lose hope. your spirit.
2. Two friends their difference after a brief quarrel.
3. He has, his examination.
4. The long lost friend at my sister’s wedding!
5. The businessman debt after suffering heavy losses.
6. The price of gold has
7. He has smoked.
8. The fire fighters came just in time to the fire.
9. The examinations had to be owing to the general elections.
10. They a new business.
11. A committee has been set up to the problem.
12. The bomb in a crowded street.
1. Keep up;
2. made up;
3. got through;
4. turned up;
5. ran into;
6. come down;
7.given up;
8.put out;
9.put off;
10.got into;
11.look into;
12.went off.

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