2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Pronouns

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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Pronouns

What do the words in italics in the following paragraphs refer to?

1. Once upon a time, a poor woman was walking from one village to another carrying a bundle on her head. Unable to lift it easily, she rested every now and then. A horseman passed by. The woman requested him to carry the bundle on horseback till the next village. He refused saying, “You will walk slowly and delay me and I have a long way to go.”
her-the poor woman; it- the bundle; she – the poor woman; him – the horseman; He- the horseman; me – the horseman; l – the horseman.

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2. An old man came to the farm. The owner of the farm and his wife needed a person exactly like him. He was well-versed in agriculture. After his arrival to the farm their income improved dramatically. The owner became lethargic and shied away from hard work. His wife found all this very strange. Her husband’s life style had changed.
his – the farm owner’s; him – the old man; He – the old man; his – the old man’s; their – the owner and his wife’s; His – the owner’s; Her – The wife’s.

3. Every household holds those little things that look and feel old. As a kid I had several of them. There is a tiny bag of used crayons bought when I was four. Dad believed in junking them and they almost did end up in the trash. They help me remember a childhood of dreams and vivid imagination.
l – the speaker; them – the little things; l – the speaker; them – the crayons; they – the crayons; me – the speaker.

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