Karnataka SSLC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (2nd Language)

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Karnataka State Syllabus SSLC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (2nd Language)

Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 80

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete statements.
Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of the alphabet. [3]

Question 1.
Father did not like Swami
(A) joining the cricket club
(B) sleeping in the office room
(C) sleeping beside his granny
(D) biting a burglar’s leg.

Question 2.
Roma Talreja felt that she could never repay Baleshwar because he
(A) informed Dinesh about the accident
(B) requested all the motorists to save her
(C) risked his life to save her
(D) pleaded the passengers to save her.

Question 3.
The concept “immersion in science doesn’t go with practical sense” suggests
(A) foolishness of scientists
(B) absentmindedness of scientists
(C) scientists do not bother about their research results
(D) scientists seldom work together.

II. Answer the following questions in 2 – 3 sentences each: [4×2=8]

Question 4.
How did the tempo truck driver help Baleshwar?

Question 5.
What was the intention of Smita’s going to the concert?

Question 6.
The artists visiting Anant was unusual. Justify.

Question 7.
Despite low income, why do some people choose to become scientists?

III. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow: [9]

Question 8.
“Why don’t you join the police when you are grown up ?”
(a) Who gave this suggestion?
(b) Why did he give this suggestion?
(c) What did the listener actually want to become in his later life?

Question 9.
“The trees in the orchard are not mine.”
(a) Who is the speaker here?
(b) According to the speaker, who else do the trees belong to?
(c) Why does he feel that the trees don’t belong to him ?

Question 10.
“Who could have dreamt that one born to a Mahar family would one day become not only a Law
Minister but a Law-maker ?”
(a) Who is referred to as ‘Law Minister’ here?
(b) Who chose him to be the ‘Law Minister’?
(c) Why is he recognised as the Law-maker?

IV. Answer the following question in about 8-10 sentences: [4]

Question 11.
How did the crew members express their discontent with Columbus?
Explain the incident that forced Satish to stay back at home. How did it affect his formal education?


V. Choose the most appropriate one and write the complete answer with the letter of alphabet in the answer-book: [1]

Question 12.
In the line from the poem, ‘You say you own me’, the terms ‘you’ and ‘me’ refer to
(A) children and the farmer
(B) man and the land
(C) soldier and the land
(D) buyer and seller of the land.

VI. Answer the following questions in 2 – 3 sentences each: [4]

Question 13.
How does the poet praise India being developed in industry and technology?

Question 14.
The speaker in ‘Off to Outer Space Tomorrow Morning’ is uncertain of his return. How does he express this?

VII. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow: [3]

Question 15.
“Isn’t God upon the ocean Just the same as on the land ?”
(a) Who is the speaker here?
(b) When was this said?
(c) What was the result of these words?

Question 16.
Quote from memory: [4]
“It is…………………………………………………..
And ……………………………………………………
“Then let…………………………………………….
…………………………………………….. destroy:
……………………………………………………… boy.”

IX. Answer the following question in 8 to 10 sentences: [4]

Question 17.
Describe in your own words how the poet’s grandma was a genius and how she upheld ‘her right to reside in a tree’.
The physical appearance of the Jazz player does not match when he plays on his saxophone. Explain.

Supplementary Reading

X. Answer the following questions in 2 – 3 sentences each: [4]

Question 18.
Why were Babu and Manju a bit disappointed with the way the students were marching?
How did the lofty Himalayas inspire Dicky Dolma?

Question 19.
How did Hema Aziz teach her children the message that “one’s duty is the most important thing in life”?
What changes came over Wangjia as the Bird of Happiness caressed him?


Question 20.
Which one of the following words has one syllable? [1]
Father, Cheque, Office, Travel.

Question 21.
Combine the word in Column-A with its collocative word in Column-B: [1]
Karnataka Board SSLC English Question Paper March 2018 Q 21
Question 22.
Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words given in brackets: [1]

The_______ ( not, knot) of the rope was so strong that it could________(knot, not) be removed by us.

Question 23.
Give one word for ‘very eager for knowledge’. [1]



XII. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: [4]

Once there was a slave. His name was Andrades. His master was very cruel. He treated him badly. So, the slave was sick of him and ran away into a forest. There he saw a lion crying with pain. The lion sat before him and held out its paw. There was a big thorn in it. The slave drew it out and dressed the wound. They became friends.

After a few days, the slave was caught. He was ordered to be thrown before a hungry lion. Many people came to see the act of cruelty.

A lion was caught for this purpose. It was kept hungry for many days. On the fixed day, the lion was let loose on the slave. It recognised him. It began to lick his feet. ‘

All the people were surprised. The slave told the whole story. The master was pleased and set Andrades free.

Question 24.
What made Andrades go to the forest?

Question 25.
How did Andrades help the lion?

Question 26.
What act of cruelty did the people go to watch?

Question 27.
Why didn’t the lion kill Andrades?

Question 28.
Rearrange the jumbled words into a meaningful sentence: [1]
garden / flowers / in / the / pluck / don’t

Question 29.
Look at the two lines. Write a sentence using ‘longer than’ based on what you see: [1]
Karnataka Board SSLC English Question Paper March 2018 Q 29
XIII. Read the following conversation and answer the questions that follow:

News Reporter: Congratulations Rashmi! Your feat is laudable. By the way, did you expect first rank in the CET this year?
Rashmi: No. Actually I expected to be one in top ten ranks.
News reporter: How could you achieve this?
Rashmi: I worked hard from the beginning. My teachers, my college library, my parents were of great help to me.

Question 30.
Why does the news reporter congratulate Rashmi? [1]

Question 31.
What was the secret of Rashmi’s achievement? [1]


Question 32.
Given below is the profile of Rabindranath Tagore. Write a paragraph using the clues [4]
Karnataka Board SSLC English Question Paper March 2018 Q 32
Write a paragraph, using the clues given below. You may add some more points if necessary :
Twelve fools start on a journey — cross a river — count themselves — one man lost—a passer-by offers help — gives each a blow on the back — they count twelve strokes — satisfied — moral

Question 33.
Imagine that you are Divya / Dinesh, residing at ‘Sai Nivas’, #74,1 Cross, Vivek Nagar, Hiriyur.
Write a letter to your cousin inviting him/her to come to your house to spend summer vacation. [4]
Write a letter to the Chief Officer, Town Municipal Council, Hiriyur about the garbage dumped in your locality and request him/her to do the needful.


Question 34.
The following paragraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite it in the answer-book. Clues are given. [2]
Whales are normally gentle. Many whales exibit strong family ties. The young ones remain with their parents for up to fifteen years or more. How wonderful it is.
(a) Spelling mistake to be corrected
(b) Use correct punctuation mark.

GRAMMAR ( Language Use )

Question 35.
Read the given conversation and choose the language function for the underlined sentence: [1]
Visitor: Excuse me, can you help me in locating the book, ‘War And Peace’?
Librarian: Sure. Go to the sixth row and the book is on the third shelf.
Visitor: Thank you very much.
(A) Advice
(B) Giving directions
(C) Order
(D) Request.

Question 36.
Read the conversation and rewrite into a reported form:
Ravi: Good morning daddy.
Father: Good morning Ravi. Go to the railway station at 4 P.M. and bring your grandpa.
Ravi: I will daddy, don’t worry.
Ravi and father greeted each other.
Father asked Ravi…………………………….
Ravi replied………………………………………

Question 37.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate ‘article’ and ‘preposition’: [1]
There are_______ number of newspapers_______ Kannada and English.

Question 38.
Gopi broke the glass,_______? [1]
The question tag to be used for the above statement is
(A) did he
(B) was he
(C) wasn’t he
(D) didn’t he.

Question 39.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate tense forms of the verbs given in brackets: [2]
Maya is a lively woman. She_______ (love) visiting beaches. Last year, she_______ (have + visit) seven beautiful beaches of Indian islands.

Question 40.
Fill in the blanks using the suitable linking words given in brackets: [1]
The flight in which I travelled was delayed_______ the sky was very cloudy._______, my parents
were much worried about my safety, (but, so, because, that)

Question 41.
Read the conversation and fill in the blanks with correct ‘if clause’ choosing from the given alternatives: [1]
Neighbour: Hi Ranjith, Did you get a seat in the college you desired?
Ranjith: No uncle, my application was rejected due to my low scores.
Neighbour: I am sorry to hear this. If you had worked harder, you_______ got a seat in the college.
(A) will have
(B) shall have
(C) would have
(D) should have.

Question 42.
Read the conversation and identify the infinitive: [1]
Cook: What shall I cook for dinner tonight, Sir?
Master: Prepare some special items. I am expecting two guests to come for dinner.
Cook: Alright Sir, what about Pulao and Halwa?
Master: Okay, also make some fruit salad.
Cook: Yes Sir.
(a) Prepare
(b) Expecting
(C) To come
(d) Make

Reference Skill

Question 43.
Arrange the following words in the order in which they are found in dictionary: [2]
adverb, advocate, advise, advice.

Question 44.
Write it in the normal way: [1]
my sis gt 80% in maths test

Question 45.
Which source of information would you refer to know about global warming? Choose the correct source: [1]
Thesaurus, Encyclopaedia, Atlas, Dictionary.


Answer 1:
(C) Sleeping beside his granny.

Answer 2:
(C) he risked his life to save her.

Answer 3:
(C) Scientists do not bother about their research results.

Answer 4:
The tempo truck driver stepped out of his vehicle. He was a middle-aged man. He responded to Baleshware’s request and helped Baleshwar lay Roma down in the back of his truck and helped him to take Roma to hospital nearby.

Answer 5:
The intension of smitha’s going to the concert was to request Pandith Ravishankar to come to their house and play sitar for her brother Ananth suffering from cancer.

Answer 6:
The artists who visited anant were Pandit Ravishankar a great Performer of Sitar instrument and Ustad Alla Rakha well – known Tabla artist.

Answer 7:
Science is an exciting adventure where major reqard comes from the discovery itself. What they get instead of money is freedom, camaradesire and independence. The honours and promotions will depend on themselves and feeling of uncovering one of nature’s mysteries.

Answer 8:
(a) The Inspector gave this suggestion.
(b) Because swami helped police in catching the notorious house-breakes of the district.
(c) The listener made his mind to be an engine driver, a railway guard or a bus conductor later on life.

Answer 9:
(a) Don Anselmo is the speaker here.
(b) The trees belong to the descendants of RIO en Medio.
(c) Because since he took the posession of that house, he planted a tree for the children of Rio – en Medio.

Answer 10:
(a) B.R. Ambedkar is referred to as ‘Law Minister’ here.
(b) Jawaharlal Nehru Chose him to be the law minister.
(c) He is recognised as the law-makes because of his skills in te field of law and legislation and his vision of social justice.

Answer 11:
The crew members were expressing them discontent by singing the song again and again. They were feeling like bats trying to fly by day.
They were not ready to be in the hands of Columbus who was a man of quick temper. Columbus was always trying to control them. He was suspecious about whatever they talk. The crew members were unhappy about being in voyage for many days. They have become impatient and thinking that whether is god dumb and not listening to their prayer. They were fed up with the dictatorial attitutde of columbus. They were drinking and singing the song for their relaxation. But columbus was Irritated hearing to it several times. The crew member and sea men became so much dissatisfied that they were not obeying the order of columbus.

These had been an accident when satish went living with his father and brother Inder. They were crossing a rickety bridge over some rapids. The boys stood and looked down at swisling water below them. Just then Satish slipped and losing his balance. He fell into the rapids, when he regained consciousness. His legs were in a plaster cast and his head lust badly. Though his legs healed, they remained weak, requiring several operations on them. He suffered frequently from bows of fever and infections, especially of the ear. He was gesting terrible headaches and them feel as of everything is going dark and silent.

This situation made satish to take leave again and again from school. His frequent absence made the school to say that they couldn’t keep him in the school and suggested Satish’s father to put his son to the school for deaf and dumb. His father made unsuccessful expedition to other schools. Satish become very moody and couldn’t talk freely with anyone.

Answer 12:
(b) Man and the land.

Answer 13:
The poet says that he can 5 mg. about the dam and the lake. We appreciates the steel molls, ship building yard and praises the hard work of men behind that further, talking about technology he sings about atomic age and ironmen came in their wake.

Answer 14:
The poet expresses the uncertainly of his returning by saying that we can take a last look at him by passing the helmet to him from as plastic hook. His name can be crossed out from the telephone book because he will be off to outer space tomorrow morning.

Answer 15:
(a) The seamen are the speakers here.
(b) This was said when they were on voyage.
(c) The seamen were feeling relaxation after singing these words.

Answer 16:
“It is enthroned in the heart of kings:
It is an attribute to god himself;
and certainly power doth then show likes god’s.
When mercy seasons justice.

Then let not what
I cannot have my cheer of mind destroy;
Whrist thus I sing, I a making.
Although a poor blind boy.

Answer 17:
The poet’s grandmother is a genius. She had the gift of being happies on a tree than on a left from childhood. She could climb trees, spreading or high. She would be up their branches in a trice when she was sixty two. Once she climbed a tree and couldn’t come down. After the rescue, she had to take a week’s rest. But after she felt stronger. She called poet’s father and told him to build a house on a tree top. After the construction of that house, she moved up to her tree- house and thepoet climb to her room everyday with glasses and tray. The poet climb to her room everyday with glasses and tray. The poet and granny were sitting there and drinking sherry. This way poet’s grandmother uphold “her right to reside in a tree”.

Jazz player’s physical appearance is not matching with his talent when he plays on saxophone. He is a pathetic figure but at the same time commanding artist. He is silent on speech, ugly in physical appearance but eloguent on music. He has wrinkled old face, faded-blue old shirt dark with sweat, old necktre drops loosely about the warn, holding his stagging stomach, run-down shoes work papers on them. In betwen all these he lofts his saxophone supported from his neck by a wire coat hunger and preaches the blaag Gospel of Jazz with words of screaming notes and chords and fires in his music high and high and makes people listen.

Answer 18:
The students walked in complete silence. There were no slogans, no shouts, just the shuffle of feet, the drop of rain and a low murmur from the watching crowd.

Dicky Dolma was fascinated by the grandeur of the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas from child hood every morning, these beautiful mountain peak she used to see first.

Answer 19:
Hema Aziz often left hanif and his brother alone and travelled with the performance wing of the information and broadcasting ministry. This made her kids hanif and his brother responsible and they were getting up ready for without her having to tell them. Her going to work gave them the message that one’s duty is the most important thing in life.

The birds of happiness casessed wangjia with its wings and sang for him. His eyeballs flew back to their sockets and now he saw much more brightly than before. All his wounds were healed and he was stronger than eve.

Answer 20:

Answer 21:
Rusting Waves.

Answer 22:
The knot of the rope was so strong that it could not be removed by us.

Answer 23:

Answer 24:
Andrade’s master was very cruel and treated him badly.

Answer 25:
Andrades drew out the big thorn in the paw of the iron and dressed the wound.

Answer 26:
The throwing of slave before hungry lion.

Answer 27:
The lion didn’t kill andrakes because it recognised him and began to kill his feet.

Answer 28:
Don’t pluck the flowers in the garden.

Anser 29:
B is longer than A

Answer 30:
News suporter congratulated rashmi for securing first rank on the CET that year.

Answer 31:
The hardwork from the beginning was the secret of Rashmi’s achievement.

Answer 32:
Rabindranath Tagore was known as Gurudeva in Bengal. He wa bom on 7th May 1861. His parents were Debendranath Tagore and Sarala Devi. Rabindranath Tagore was a writer, painter and singer. His notable works are Gitanjali, Jana Gana Mana, Rabindra Sangeet. Amar Sonar Bangla etc. He got the Nobel prize for literature in 1913 for his work ‘Gitanjali’. He died on 7th August, 1941.

Once twelve fools started on a journey they had to cross a river they decided to confirm that all of them crossed the river. So one of them started counting themselves. But everytime only 11 members were there and one man lost. They asked the help of a passes by. That passes by gave each a blow on the back and these fools counted 12 strokes. They were satisfied that all 12 were there. They decided to cross the river and reached their destination.
Moral: We should never be foolish.

Answer 33:
Divya / Dinesh
“Sai Nivas’, #741 Cross,
Vivek Nagar, Hiriyur.
Dear Madhu,

I am fine here. I hope you are also fine. Our summer vacation begins from next week. I am inviting you to come to my house to spend summer vacation with me. Our village is a beautiful place. There are historical spots in our village. We can enjoy the beauty of nature. Please, come to my house and we will have an enjoyful summer holidays.

Your lovely Sister/Brother
(Divya / Dinesh)


Respected Sir/Madam,

Subject: Dumping of Garbage in our locality.

Hereby bringing to your notice, the garbage dumped in our locality has become a big problem. It led to the mosquitoes in the surrounding areas and people of our locality are suffering from fever that is very dangerous. We requested many times to the concerned department but action was not yet taken kindly, consider the seriousness of the situation, and do the needful as early as possible.

Thanking you,

Your’s Sincerely,

Answer 34:
Whales are normally gentle. Many whales exhibit strong family ties. The young ones remain with their parents for up to fifteen years or more. How wonderful it is!.

Answer 35:
(B) Giving directions.

Answer 36:
Father asked ravi to go to the railway station at 4 pm. to bring his grandpa. Ravi replied he would and not to worry.

Answer 37:
There are a number of newspapers in kannada and english.

Answer 38:
(D) didn’t he?

Answer 39:
Maya is a lively woman she loves visiting beaches. She had visited seven beautiful beaches of Indian islands.

Answer 40:
The flight in which I travelled was delayed because the sky was very cloudy. So my parents were much worried about my safety.

Answer 41:
(C) Would have

Answer 42:
(C) to come

Answer 43:
adverb, advice, advise, advocate.

Answer 44:
My sister got 80% in Maths test.

Answer 45:

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