Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

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Karnataka State Syllabus SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 With Answers (2nd Language)

Time: 2 Hrs. 30 min
Max Marks: 80

1. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions/incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet. (4 × 1 = 4)

Question 1.
Choose the appropriate question tag and fill in the blank.
Manasa sings well, …….. ?
a. does she
b. didn’t she
c. doesn’t she
d. don’t she
a. does she

Question 2.
Read the conversation and fill in the blank with correct ‘If clause’ choosing from the given alternatives :
Vandana: You are still here! Did you miss the bus?
Aishwarya: Yes. by the time I reached the bus stop it was already 7:40!
Vandana: Oh! if you had started early, you …. missed the bus.
a. would have
b. wouldn’t have
c. should have
d. shouldn’t have
b. wouldn’t have

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 3.
Read the conversation and choose the correct infinitive :
Meghana : Hi Arati, will you come with me to the market? I want to buy vegetables.
Arati : Sure. Shall we go by bus?
Meghana : No. Let’s take an auto,
a. take
b. come
c. to buy
d. go
c. to buy

Question 4.
Read the given conversation and choose the language function for the underlined sentence?
Kavya : For how many days are you going to Mysore, Kala?
Kala : Three days. I’ve to attend my aunt’s marriage, but I’m worried that I am going to miss a lot of classes.
Kavya : Don’t worry. I’ll give you my notes.
a. Giving suggestion
b. Giving advice
c. Offering help
d. Making a request
c. Offering help

II. Do as directed : (12 × 1 = 12)

Question 5.
Fill in the blank with appropriate tense forms of the verbs given in brackets :
Prajwal is studying (be+study) in a government high school.
is studying

Question 6.
Fill in the blank with appropriate ‘preposition’ :
Raghav is a teacher. He works hard for the welfare of his students.

Question 7.
Fill in the blank using suitable linker:
Though he was ill, Kiran completed his work.

Question 8.
Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate words given in the brackets :
The weather (whether, weather) looked so unpredictable that we did not know whether (weather, whether) to carry the umbrella or not.

Question 9.
Combine the word in column ‘A’ with its collocative word in column ‘B’ :
Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language) 1

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 10.
Give one word answer :
A great performer, especially a musician Maestro.

Question 11.
Which one of the following words has two syllables?
Continent, age, people, direction

Question 12.
Write the correct form of the word given in the brackets :
There is no comparison (compare) between them.

Question 13.
Frame a question to get the underlined word as answer :
Raghu went to Mysore yesterday.
When did Radhu go to Mysore?

Question 14.
Read the following conversation and change the underlined sentence into passive voice :
Sharath : Hello Madhu, what did you buy yesterday?
Madhu : I bought a new dress.
A new dress was bought by Madhu. [me]

Question 15.
Change the following sentence into comparative degree:
Ravish is the most intelligent boy in the class.
Ravish is more intelligent than any other boys in the class.
more intelligent

Question 16.
Use the word ‘conduct’ as verb in a sentence of your own.
Babuji conducted the singing programme in his home.

III. The following paragraph has two errors. Edit the paragraph and rewrite it in the answer book, clues are given : (1 × 2 = 2)

Question 17.
Although Dravidian in origin, Kannada has been high influenced by Sanskrit. According to some scholars, its early literature dates back with the 5th century A.D. Clues are given:

A. Adverb mistake to be corrected.
B. Preposition to be corrected.

Although Dravidian in origin, Kannada has been highly influenced by Sanskrit. According to some scholars, its early literature dates back from 5th century A.D.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

IV. Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each : (7 × 2 = 14)

Question 18.
Why is Dr. B.R. Ambedkar considered as a champion of the depressed classes in India?
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was influenced by the work of Mahatma Phule. He decided to devote all his time and talents to improve the conditions of under privileged or depressed classes in our country. For this he started newspapers like Mooknayak, Bahishkrit Bharath and Samatha. Hitakarini Sabha was set up by him. So all his works made him to think as a champion of the depressed classes in India.

Question 19.
How is pursuit of science an exciting adventure?
Yes, everybody could agree that pursuit of Science is really an exciting adventure. When compare to other types of adventures like Sports, Art, Music, Whatever may be the field, Science need determination, perseverance and hard work. In all the fields especially in science field the major reward comes from the discovery itself.

Question 20.
Why do the tea cups circle around the poet like planets around the Sun?
Earth has gravitational force but in space there is absence of gravitational pull, due to this the tea cup or whatever may be the object, it would revolve round like the planets around the Sun.

Question 21.
What do we learn from Satish Gujral’s life?
Satish Gujral was the good example for the disabled could also achieve the best. Disability was no barrier to Success. He was give more inspiration to those who were want to achieve success in life.

Question 22.
Why does Roma consider Baleshwar’s action to be amazing?
Roma considered Baleshwar’s action to be amazing because the way she was rescued by him. According to Roma it was astonishing because a stranger would jump off a train and risk his life for her. She was also a stranger to him.

Question 23.
How.does inspector Path help Mohan and his family?
Patil, the sub – inspector of police was the friend of teacher. So he wanted to help them. He came and explained the situation, it was safer side if they handed over (gave) that machine to him. They may escape from arresting. Amma believed him and handed over that machine to police officer before the other police came.


Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

How did Dicky Dolma, feel after scaling Mt. Everest?
Dicky Dolma climbed Mt. Everest on May 10, 1993 and she was the youngest woman in the world to have achieved the awesome feat of scaling the world’s highest peak. The view from above is something extraordinary not able to describe fully in words. It was much more breath – taking that she could ever have imagined. The entire National and State awards that she had been bestowed were nothing compared to the experiences of seeing that view.

Question 24.
How can you say that Hanif was a talented young man?
The life for Hanif was always ekdam bindas. He sketched very well, made beautiful cards out of waste materials, read books and loved playing the drums. As a young man he was so talented and had very much interest in life.


What qualities of Wangjia do you like?
We like Wangjia the most in the story. He was so young to take such a risk. We like his selfless hard work. He did a great task for the benefit of his people. He faced many hardships during his task. He didn’t care his life also. To work for others is really a good job, everyone will appreciate his work.

V. Answer the following questions In 5-6 sentences each : (2 × 3 = 6)

Question 25.
How did Swami become a hero overnight though he was not courageous?
Whenever Swami’s father, cook and a servant caught the burglar, the next day congratulations were showered on Swami. though he was not so courageous, the timely spirit made him as hero. Swami bite the burglar with all his strength to escape from him. His timely action made him as hero.

Question 26.
How does the poet Marina de Bellagenta express the feelings, of the land?
The Poetess herself being the earth and says what are the things she had to tolerate. Though the mother earth suffers a lot, she can patiently tolerate and challenged the man that he cannot put a fence around the planet earth (her). Earth as a whole planet is very big and the man cannot put a fence and it is impossible for him. She can wait because she is the mother (land.)

VI. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow : (4 × 3 = 12)

Question 27.
‘Friend’, he said, ‘I do not like to have
you speak to me in that manner’.

a. Who is the speaker?
Don Anselmo is the speaker.

b. Who did he address as friend?
He addressed the author (mediator) as a friend.

c. Why didn’t he like the manner of speaking?
The authors way by talking and the proposal made by him was not liked because Don Anselmo was a man of principles. He didn’t agree to take more money. The author’s offer made him insult.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

Question 28.
‘I’ve-I’ve always wanted to hear him and see him …..’

a. Who is ‘I’ here?
Here ‘I’ refer to sick boy Anant.

b. Who does ‘him’ refer to
‘him’ refers to Pandit Ravishankar.

c. Why did he want to hear him and see him?
He wanted to hear Pandit Ravishankar’s sitar playing and see him in the musical concert.

Question 29.
They are simple men and must have their relaxation.’

a. Who is the speaker here?
Here the speaker was Don Pedro.

b. Who are ‘simple men’ according to the speaker?
According to the speaker the Sailers (seamen) are simple men.

c. Why did the speaker say so?
When Columbus told to Don Pedro the seamen were drink too much, so they were singing, that singing irritated him So the speaker wanted to balance the situation on both the side he said the above words.

Question 30
‘So we shuddered there in silence, For the stoutest held his breath,’

a. Who does ‘we’ refer to?
We refer to all the Sailors in the wrecked ship.

b. What does ‘stoutest’ mean in the context?
In this context the stoutest means the strongest brave sailor.

c. Why did he hold his breath?
He hold his breath out of fear because the sea was roaring like a hungry lion.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

VII. Given below is a profile, Write a paragraph using the dues given below: (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 31.
Sarojini Naidu : Date of Birth : 13th February 1879, Hyderabad.
Parents : Barada Sundari Devi, Aghornath Chattopadhyaya
Education: University of Madras; King’s college, London.
Notable works : In the Bazaars of Hyderabad, The Golden Threshold
Associations : Indian National Congress. Sarojini Naidu was born on 13th February 1879 in Hyderabad. Her Parents were Varada Sundari Devi and Aghornath Chattopadhyaya. She studied in University of Madras (now chennai) and later in Kings college in London. She was a well known Poetess. Her notable works are “In the Bazaars of Hyderabad and The Golden Threshold. She was a patriotic woman worked under Indian National Congress.
Sarojini Naidu was born on 13th February 1879 in Hyderabad. Her Parents were Varada Sundari Devi and Aghornath Chattopadhyaya. She studied in University of Madras (now chennai) and later in Kings college in London. She was a well known Poetess. Her notable works are “In the Bazaars of Hyderabad and The Golden Threshold. She was a patriotic woman worked under Indian National Congress.

VIII. Develop the story using the dues given below : (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 32.
Three friends – two geese, a tortoise – decide to migrate – food, water – geese fly – tortoise can’t – devise a way – carry tortoise – hold stick with their beaks – tortoise not to speak – hold the middle of the stick – children clap – tortoise angry – bursts out – fell – moral.
The geese and a tortoise :
Once upon a time the three friends were living in the forest. They were two geese and a tortoise. Because of the shortage of Rain, it was very difficult to find food and water in their place. They thought and decided to migrate to other place. The geese were ready to fly but tortoise cannot fly. So they make a plan.

They brought a strong stick and the two geese held that stick at two ends and the tortoise was held the stick in the middle with its mouth. The geese were instructed to tortoise during their flying, it should not talk. The tortoise agreed. They started their Journey, middle of the Journey, the naughty Children seeing the rare view of their flying, they clapped loudly.

Their clap made the tortoise insult and it became angry. So it starts to scold them. Whenever it opens its mouth, it fell down and died.

Moral: We should not anger on others. It will harm us. and Think twice before you work.

IX. Study the picture given below. Write a description or an account of what the picture suggests to you in a paragraph : (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 33.
Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language) 2
The above pictures represents over traffic. The number of vehicles increased day to day. These are the demands of public people. All of us need Proper roads, Because of traffic Jam, it is very difficult or horrible to travel. Authorities should repair the Pot holes now & then. Overspeeding should be checked to avoid accidents. If the authorities built the Fly overs, it will help the riders and travellers. All people should aware of all these and should Co-operate with the authorities.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

X. Quote from memory : (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 34.
It is enthroned in the heart of kings;
It is an attribute to God himself,
And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice.


You talk of wondrous things you see.
You say the sun shines bright’
I feel him warm, but how can he
Or make it day or night?

XI. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : 1 × 4 = 4(2 × 2)

Question 35.
There seems to be a general opinion in this country that Sardar Patel was slightly of a harsh and rough temperament. Men call him the ‘Iron man of India.’ He was, no doubt, an Iron man in the sense that one could rely on him for strict and efficient administration. But as a man, to those who had the good fortune of coming into close contact with him, he was kind and considerate.

At times, he even became emotional, where his friends and followers were concerned. However, it goes without saying that the Sardar had the great skill for organizing affairs. He knew the way of picking people and putting them in their proper places. Once he judged a man and found him correct, he trusted him fully and got him to do anything he wanted.

A. What lessons do you learn from the life of the Sardar Patel?
The lessons we learn from the life of Sardar Patel were :

  • The Strict and efficient administration.
  • The Great skill for Organizing affairs.
  • The way of picking people and putting them in their proper places.
  • Judging a man and found him correct, trust him fully and got him to do anything he wanted.

B. What kind of a man war Sardar Patel in his private life?
Sardar Patel was Kind and Considerate. At times, he even became emotional, where his friends and followers were concerned in his private life.

XII. Answer the following question in about 8-10 sentences : (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 36.
According to the poet, his grandmother was a genius, Substantiate this Statement
The tree may be high or spreading, she would have to climb. Even at the age of 62 she climbed a tree, she had the capacity of climbing the tree very quickly. She has this skill. She is fond of climbing a tree since her childhood. She had this gift and enjoying a lot. She feels happy to climb a tree. She had more pleasure in a tree than in a lift.


The pathetic figure of Jazz player is lifted by his music. Justify.
He wanted to tell that he was a Black Man. He had been sent here to preach the Black Gospel of Jazz. He was preaching it with words by loud musical sound. When he started to preach, he was transformed into a Bird. That Bird gathers its wings and flies high, high and higher until it flies away. Other wise he come back to find himself as a Black man again.


How does the poet portray the positive side of India in the poem ‘The song of India’?
The poet was answered by a wonderful vision. A vision of new and bright future. In the vision he saw the mother (motherland) rise gloriously against the blue sky. The three milky – white oceans, ie., the Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, rose and fell with steady powerful motions.

(There was calm on the sea’s). Their waves sent forth a wonderful and illuminated her. She seemed to sit of this illuminating light to write the ‘book of marrow’, (a new reign, a new future’. She foresaw a new ‘destiny’, a new bright future like the bright sun: god, who destroyed darkness with his powerful rays, this new future wiped out the sorrow of her people.

This new future will arrive like a ‘clear dawn’. In this new future the sorrows and hardships of her people will flee like a nightmare (bad dream). This new future (sun – beam) will act like the ‘Hand that saves’ her people.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

XIII. Write an essay on any one of the following : (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 37.
(a) Population explosion in cities.
The main cause of Population explosion of our country is the result of prevailing high birth rate and large decline in the death rate due to the advancement of science especially in medical field.

Now-a-days the cities are main attraction for the employment. Many Industries. Office, Many Public sectors. Banks, hospitals, IT, BT Companies etc, all are located in cities. So the people come to cities like flood. Day by day the people coming to cities increased. Once they came and settled here, their families will also come and settled here. Opening of Various
companies make the rapid increase of population.

In cities the people get all the facilities very easily. Because of all the facilities many many Industries. Businesses. Offices. Schools. Colleges. Hospitals etc., all are increasing with a rocket speed.

All these are increasing year after year makes the population explosion in cities.
(IT = Information Technology.)
(BT = Bio – technology)

(b) Mobile Phones
Often Mobile Phone is also called “cellular phone”. It is a device mainly used for a voice call. Presently technological advancements have made our life easy. Today, with the help of a mobile phone we can easily talk or video chat with anyone across the globe by just moving our fingers. Today mobile phones are available in various shapes and sizes, having different technical specifications and are used for a number of purposes like – voice calling, video chatting, text messaging or SMS, multimedia messaging, internet browsing, email, video games and photography. Hence it is called a ‘SmartPhone’. Like every device, the mobile phone also has its pros and cons.

Advantages of Mobile phone
1. Keeps us connected: Now we can be connected to our friends, relatives at any time we want through many apps. Now we can talk video chat with whoever we want, by just operating your mobile phone or smartphone. Apart from this mobile also keeps us updated about the whole world.

2. Day to Day Communicating: Today mobiles phone has made our life so easy for daily life activities. Today, one can assess the live traffic situation on mobile phone and take appropriate decisions to reach on time. Along with it the weather updates, booking a cab and many more.

3. Entertainment for All: With the improvement of mobile technology, the whole entertainment world is now under one roof. Whenever we get bored with routine work or during the breaks, we can listen to music, watch movies, our favorite shows or just watch the video of one’s favorite song.

4. Managing Office Work: These days mobiles are used for many types of official work from meeting schedules, sending and receiving documents, giving presentations, alarms, job applications, etc. Mobile phones have become an essential device for every working people.

5. Mobile Banking: Nowadays mobiles are even used as a wallet for making payments. Money could be transferred almost instantly to friends, relatives or others by using mobile banking in the smartphone. Also one can easily access his/her account details and know past transactions. So it saves a lot of time and also hassle-free.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones
1. Wasting Time : Now da.y’s people have become addicted to mobiles. Even when we don’t need to mobile we surf the net, play games making a real addict. As mobile phones became smarter, people became dumber.

2. Making us Non – communicable :
Wide usage of mobiles has resulted in less meet and talk more. Now people don’t meet physically rather chat or comment on social media.

3. Loss of Privacy : It is a major concern now of losing one’s privacy because of much mobile usage. Today anyone could easily access the information like where you live, your friends and family, what is your occupation, where is your house, etc; by just easily browsing through your social media account.

4. Money Wastage : As the usefulness of mobiles has increased so their costing. Today people are spending a lot amount of money of buying smartphones, which could rather be spent on more useful things like education, or other useful things in our life.

A mobile phone could both be positive and negative; depending on how A uses it. As mobiles have become a part of our life so we should use in in a proper way, carefully for our better hasslefree life rather using it improperly and making it a virus in life.

(c) Importance of Sports.
Introduction :
Sports are generally liked by everyone especially kids however it may harm them in many ways. Kids can be easily injured and deviated from their study. However, kids love to go outside and play sports or games with their friends. If we have a look on the history, we see that sports are given much importance from the ancient time.

In the modern time, growing popularity of other entertainment things like video games, television, etc are decreasing the demand’of sports and games in the life. However* it is also true that sports and games are treated by the many countries as cultural activities, so we can say that the trend of games and sports can never finish in the future.

Sports activities have been made compulsory in the schools and colleges for the student’s good physical health, mental health and professional career. Sports have nice career. Sports have nice career in future for anyone who involved dedicatedly. It is very beneficial especially for the students as it support physical as well as mental development. People who are much interested and good in the sports can live more active and healthy life. They can develop better discipline and leadership qualities at the workplace as well.

Physical coordination and strength:
If is considered that both sports and strength are two sides of the same coin. It is true that a person involved in the sports activities, get more strength than the normal person without any physical exercise. A person interested in the sports can develop great body strength and make his/her career bright by participating in any sports at national or international level. Playing sports help in strengthening the immune system, maintaining physical coordination, enhancing body strength and improving mental power.

Character and Health Building:
Playing sports on regular basis helps in character and health building of any person. It is generally seen that a person involved in sports activity from the very young age, develops very clear and strong character as well as good health.

Sports person becomes more punctual and disciplined thus, we can say that sports give various strong and well-built individuals to the society and nation.

Karnataka SSLC English Model Question Paper 5 with Answers (2nd Language)

XIV. Write a letter using the information given below : (1 × 5 = 5)

Question 38.
Imagine you are Pallavi / Kiran studying in government High School, Bellary. Write a letter to your friend about the election conducted in your school for ‘School Parliament’.

Pallavi / Kiran
Government High School

My dear friend,
Hai, how are you? I am fine and I am expecting the same from you. How is your study?
I want to inform one very interesting thing that had happened in our school. As usual for our ‘School Parliament’ the election was conducted. Canvas, and Pamphalets were prohibited. Only one week duration we had to work hard for that only after the school hours. What a great surprise! I am elected as a president. I am happy and decided to work hard.
Convey my best regards to one and all.

Yours loving friend,
Pallavi / Kiran

Dilip . M
S/O Manjunath,
No – 86, II Cross, III Stage,
Bangalore – 560 085.


Write a letter to the officer, Bellary Corporation, complaining about bad roads in your area.

No. 65, III Cross, II main,

The Divisional Officer,
Bellary Corporation,

Respected Sir,
Sub : Repair of bad roads.
I am compelled to write to you on behalf of our area ie., Basavanagara. Almost all the roads in our area had pot holes. During rainy season it is very difficult to walk or ride on the road. I and all our area people request you to take immediate remedial measures to provide good roads for us. I hope you will act on our plea as soon as possible and help us.
Thanking you Sir,

Yours faithfully

Enel : Our area people’s signature letter.

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