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Beauty Poem Questions and Answers, Notes, Summary

C1. Answer the following questions. Share your response with others:

Question 1.
List out the things where beauty can be seen during the day.
The poet has a simple idea of beauty. She says that beauty can be seen in the sunlight, trees, and birds as well as in corn growing, people working or people dancing for the harvest. This is an original idea of beauty.

Question 2.
The poet says ‘beauty is heard in the night’. Pick out any two things of beauty from the poem that are seen at night.
In the second stanza, the poet talks about how beauty can be heard. Beauty can be heard at night when the wind sighs and when the rain falls and when a singer sings in earnest from the depth of his heart.

Question 3.
Read the first and second stanzas of the poem again. Note the following phrases. Corn growing, peopleworking or dancing, wind sighing, rain falling, a singer chanting..
These could be written as

  1. Corn that is growing
  2. People who are working or dancing.

Can you rewrite the other phrases like this? Why do you think the poet uses the shorter phrases?
The other phrases in the poem are
wind sighing — Wind that is sighing,
rain falling — the rain that is falling
singer chanting — the singer who is chanting
The poetess uses shorter phrases to give stress or emotional feeling.

Question 4.
The Poet says ‘Beauty is seen’ and ‘Beauty is heard’. List out the beautiful things you have seen or heard.
There are beautiful things to be seen all around us. From a blade of grass to a banyan tree, from an ant to a mammoth, from the laughing, innocent face of a child to the chuckling, wrinkled visage of an old man, there is beauty in the world of nature and in the world of men. There is also beauty in the monuments built by men, machines produced by men, and artifacts made by men.

Similarly, there is beauty in many things that we get to hear. From the natural sounds in nature to the sound of musical instruments and the voice of men, there is beauty that can be heard. It could be the chirping of birds, gurgling sound of rivers, trumpeting of elephants; it could be the tender sound of a child, delicate voice of a woman, the mature resonance of an old man. There is beauty all around us in abundance.

Question 5.
The poet says ‘Beauty is in yourself.’ What things does she mention here? When does she want us to follow them?
Beauty is in ourselves. That is in our good deeds, happy thoughts. These all repeat themselves in our dreams, in our work, and in our rest.

Question 6.
Write a paragraph about beauty. You can use your own ideas along with the ideas in the poem.(You may discuss with your partner)
The saying ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ shows that the perception of beauty is subjective. The Keatsian sentiment ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’ argues that beauty transcends time. There is also the saying that beauty is skin deep. Here, the idea is that physical beauty is transitory and fades- away as time passes and age catches. It is clear that there are different ideas of beauty. My idea of beauty is to have a beautiful mind that does not allow anything of beauty, whether natural or manmade, to be destroyed.

Question 7.
The phrase wind sighing’ is personification. Give two more examples of personification. You may take the help of your teacher.
Rain falling, Happy thoughts are examples of Personification.

Beauty Poem Summary in English

The poetess describes beauty’ in this poem. She is trying to tell us that beauty is everything in life. Beauty can be seen in the sunlight, the trees, the birds, corn growing, people working, dancing and singing in their harvest, wherever we see, the beauty is there.

We can hear the beauty in the night that is sighing wind, falling raindrops, chanting melodious hymns and anything serious and sincere.

We can see the beauty in ourselves. That is good deeds, happy memorable thoughts childhood, repeated thoughts in our dreams, in our work and even in our rest. Beauty is God and God is beauty.

Beauty Poem Summary in Kannada

Beauty Poem Summary in Kannada 1
Beauty Poem Summary in Kannada 2

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