Karnataka Solutions for Class 8 English Supplementary Chapter 4 The First Woman in Space

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The First Woman in Space Questions and Answers, Notes, Summary

I. Answer each of the following in a sentence or two.

Question 1.
When did Valentine go round the earth? What was great about this event ?
Valentine went round the earth on 16th June 1963. She was the first woman travelling successfully in the space ship Vostok VI

Question 2.
How did Valentine help her mother? What else was she doing at the same time ?
Valentine worked at a Tyre factory and at a textile mill to help her mother to maintain the family. At the same time, she attend classes at Yaroslavl. She graduated in a trade school in 1960. She had been trained well in parachute jumping at Yaroslavl Hero Club.

Question 3.
How did people all over the world share her joys at the historic moment?.
When Mrs. Valentin was going round the globe, she talked from outer space to millions of her fellowmen on the earth about her thrilling experience. Crowds of people danced for Joy when they heard. They shared her Joys at the historic moment.

Question 4.
What did she say on landing after the space flight ?
On landing after the space flight. She smiled brightly and said that all people know, “it is very nice to be a guest but it is always better at home”. When she landed, she also felt the same, being at home again.

Question 5.
Apart from flying, what were Valentine’s hobbies ?
Apart from flying she was interested in music and literature. She loved reading. She had all the safe and nice qualities of a woman. More than anything else, she loved a happy and quiet homely life.

II Answer each of the following in a paragraph of about 80-100 words.

Question 1.
Imagine you are asked to interview Valentine Tereshkova. Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask her.
Self -assessment
[Note : Here only model questions, other questions could also ask i.e. according to your thinking]

  1. Good Morning.
    • How do you feel about your success ?
    • Did you had any dream? When?
    • How did you fulfill your dream?
    • How your family encouraged you?
    • Who were the important persons take part to fulfill your ambition.
    • How did you over come the difficulties of your journey.?

Question 2.
You must have read about Kalpana Chawla. Write in a paragraph the similarity and the contrast between the flights of Tereshkova and Kalpana Chawla.
Self – assessment

Question 3.
What do you think youngsters like you can learn from the life of Valentine Tereshkova? Discuss and write.
As a youngsters we can learn more from the life of Valentine.

  1. we should help our parents
  2. We should be bold
  3. We should be determine and have an ambition (goal)
  4. Hard work
  5. Discipline
  6. Persistent effort
  7. earnestness
  8. rigorous practice etc,

The First Woman in Space Summary in English

The given lesson ‘The first woman in Space’ is about a saga of an adventurous woman, Valentine Tereshkova, who become the first woman to travel in space.
Valentine Tereshkova, was from a humble family, born on March 6, 1937 at Maselennikovo in the Soviet Union. She was lovingly called ‘Valya’. Her father was a tractor driver and died at the front during WWII. Then the family faced poverty and Valentine had to work in a tyre factory to help maintain the family. In 1960, she graduated in a trade school and also had been trained as in parachute jumping in Yaroslavl Acre club She was inspired by Yuri Gagern’s first space flight and determined.

She remained in the spaceship, Vostok VI, speeding around the earth for three days. Then she returned to the to the earth safely except hurting her nose a little while landing by a parachute in Soviet central Asia.

Valentine showed the world that a woman had better stamina and endurance than a man. She was happy over her success. Valentine’s space flight will be recorded in the history of civilization as one more triumph of the human spirit.

The First Woman in Space Summary in Kannada

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