KSEEB Solutions for Class 5 English Prose Chapter 4 The Boss Who Cares

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Karnataka State Board Class 5 English Prose Chapter 4 The Boss Who Cares

The Boss Who Cares Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Warm up Activity:

Task A: With the help of your teacher try to know what work has been done in Indian space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

Work Done By ISRO: ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is the space agency of Government of India. Its Headquarters is in Bangalore. Here the scientists work to develop space technoloy for national development.

ISRO built India’s first artificial satellite, ‘Aryabhata’, and was launched from Russia on 19 April 1975. The Satellite “Rohini’ was the llrst satellite launced by an Indian made Launch vehicle. ISRO has dcvelped Polar Satellite launch Vehicles(PSLV) for launching satellites into polar orbits. It has also developed GSLV (Geostationary satellite launch vehicles) tor pricing sutellitcs into orbits.

CPC – Honest Success Series- 1S RO has sent one lunar orbiter ‘Chandrayaan- 1′ and one Mars orbiter On 15th February 2017. ISRO launched 104 satellites in a single rocket and created a world record.

Work Done By DRDO:

DRDO (Defence Research And Development Organisation) Ls an agency which does military research and development. It has 52 Laboratories were scientists are engagd in developing defence technologies. It has developed a missile Named “Prithvi’ in 1980 and Akash, Trishul and Nag Missile in 2010.

Task B: Look at this word – SATELLITE. How many smaller words can you make from this one word?

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V1. Choose the opposites of the following words from those given in brackets.

1. never x always
2. remember x forget
3. happy x sad
4. finish x start
5. quit x remain

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V2. State whether the following statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’

1. Dr Abdul Kalam is presently the President of India. (False)
2. Hetookcareofallthescintists (True)
3. He visited the exhibition because he liked it. (False)
4. The scientists were happy to work under him (True)
5. Thumba is in Karnataka. (False)

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C1. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two each.

Question 1.
How many scientists were there at Thumba Space Centre?
At Thumba Space Centre there were about seventy scientists.

Question 2.
What made them restless?
They were all involved in developing rockets. This was an adventurous task. And this took a lot of time. There was so much of work that really made them restless.

Question 3.
Where did one of the scientists want . to take his children?
Scientists want to take his children to exhibition.

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Question 4.
At what time was he permitted to leave?
He was permitted to leave the office at half-past five in the evening.

Question 5.
When did the scientist leave the office?
Scientist left the office at half-past eight in the evening.

Question 6.
What did he think on his way home?
He remembered the promise he had made to his children. He was feeling sad for having disappointed them. He wondered how he would calm his wife.

Question 7.
How did his wife react when he entered the house?
She reacted calmly.

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Question 8.
What did she ask him?
She asked “Would you like to have a cup of coffee or shall I straight away serve dinner, if you are hungry”

Question 9.
Where were the children?
Children went to exhibition with Boss.

Question 10.
Who had taken them to the exhibition?
Boss, had taken them to the exhibition.

Question 11.
Who was the Boss?
Dr. AP J Abdul Kalam.

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C2. Discuss with your friends and answer the following questions in five to six sentences each.

Question 1.
What do you understand by, “…it took a lot of time”? Explain.
They were all involved in developing rockets. This was an adventurous task. And this took a lot of time.

Question 2.
What do you think the scientist thought on the way home?
The scientist was feeling guilty for having disappointed his children and wondered how he would pacify his wife.

Question 3.
When the scientist returned home, his wife was very calm. The scientist did not expect this, why?
He didn’t take children to exhibition. He expected his wife would be angry and quarrel and the children would have cried in disappointment.

Question 4.
What do you want to say about the boss?
The boss was very understanding and treated all the scientist’s as his own family.

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Language Exercises:

L1. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms of the words given in brackets.

  1. Dr. Abdul Kalam was (to be) the President of India.
  2. Under leadership of Dr. Abdul Kalam, India’s missile programme developed (develop)
  3. Dr. Abdul Kalam said (say) that the youth should (shall) dream of a developed India.
  4. Dreams must be fulfilled (fulfil) through hard work.
  5. Dr. Abdul Kalam worked (work) hard as a student

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L3. Speech sounds

There are two sounds of‘th’
‘th’ as in ‘bath’
‘th’as in‘mother’
LookatThanu. what a girl?
Something in her tickles people to mirth.
See her father and mother.
And Karthik, her brother
There’s no one like them on the earth.
Pick the two sounds of ‘th’ from the lesson, ‘The Boss who cares’.
a. Thumba space centre
b. But they were all happy under their boss and did not think of quitting the job.
c. One of the scientists came to his boss.
d. I have promised to take my children to the exhibition.
e. He never even bothered to look at the watch.
f He boss was not there
g. On the way home
h. That is why all scientists at Thumba work under their boss.
i Guess who the boss was?
j. None other than Dr API Abdul Kalam.
k. Thiruvanthapuram

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The Boss Who Cares Summary In English

The Boss Who Cares Summary In English 1

The given Lesson ‘The Boss Who Cares’ is about a boss who takes great care of his subordinates (those working under him) There were about seventy scientists working at Tumba space centre. (Thumba is a village near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala).

A space centre is a place where studies are conducted about outer space of the earth The scientists were involved in developing rockets which was a very daring task. They had to dedicate all there time to their profession. But they never thought of leaving their job, in spite of the hardship they faced.

The Boss Who Cares Summary In English 2

One day, one of the scientists working there came to his boss and requested him to allow him to leave the office at 5.30 pm in the evening. He had promised his children to take them to – an exhibition in the town, that day. His boss agreed, the scientist was happy and began to work enthusiastically and never even bothered to look at his watch. When he had completed his work he found that it was 8.30 pm in the evening.

The Boss Who Cares Summary In English 3

As his boss had already left, he left for home. He remembered his promise to his children and felt sad for disappointing them. He also did not know how he could pacify his wife.

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The Boss Who Cares Summary In Kannada

The Boss Who Cares Summary In Kannada 1
The Boss Who Cares Summary In Kannada 2
The Boss Who Cares Summary In Kannada 3
The Boss Who Cares Summary In Kannada 4

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