KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Poem Chapter 5 The Fly

Students can Download English Poem 5 The Fly Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes Pdf, KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 English Karnataka State Board Solutions help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Karnataka State Board Class 6 English Poem Chapter 5 The Fly

The Fly Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Preparatory activity:

Match the sound makers with the sounds they make.

1. a dog a. buzzes
2. a cow b. chirps
3. a fly c. caws
4. a crow d. barks
5. a bird e. mews
6. a snake f. neighs
7. a cat g. moos
8. a horse h. hisses


  1. d
  2. g
  3. a
  4. c
  5. b
  6. h
  7. e
  8. f

KSEEB Solutions

Let’s understand:

Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
Where was the fly found?
The fly was found inside the poet’s bedroom.

Question 2.
How did the poet feel when he saw the fly?
The fly was driving the poet mad.

Question 3.
Why can’t the poet sleep?
The fly walked on the poet’s nose. It looked into his eyes. It was buzzing and buzzing and coming near him so the poet could not sleep.

Question 4.
Does the poem make you laugh? What is so funny?
The poem is so funny explaining about the fly’s act and how the poet’s sleep was disturbed.

Question 5.
Make a list of the places where the fly goes.
Windowpane, wardrobe, lampshade, pillow, poet’s nose, poet’s eyes, ceiling, bedpost, floor, door.

KSEEB Solutions

Let’s appreciate:

1. Pick out the rhyming words from the poem.

  • Insane – pane
  • Close – nose
  • Again – pain
  • Floor – door
  • Eyes – surprise

2. Fill in the blanks:

  • There’s a fly inside my bedroom.
  • It’s flying round the lampshade.
  • It’s walking on my nose.
  • It’s looking in my eyeball.
  • It’s walking on the floor.
  • It’s flying round my toys.

The Fly Summary in English

The given poem ‘The Fly’ is penned by Tony Bradman. He is the author of children’s books and is best known for the ‘Dilly the Dinosaur’ series. The given poem is written for children. It is about a troublesome and irritating Fly.

Once a fly flew into the poet’s bedroom and buzzed round his wardrobe. It sat on the windowpane, flew round the lampshade. It landed on his pillow and started walking on his nose. He puffed the fly when it came near his eyes and it started walking on the ceiling.

The buzzing sound drove the poet mad and he could not sleep at all. Round the bedpost, walking on the floor, buzzing on the door, and at last, the fly buzzed off and the poet was happy and closed his eyes to sleep. What a surprise! It is back again.

The Fly Summary in Kannada

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KSEEB Solutions

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