KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary

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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 10 English Vocabulary


Combine the word in column A with its collocative word in column B:

  1. Curly – hair, journey, man, fight
  2. Fast – shower, rain, meal, train
  3. Quick – food, shower, bus, drink
  4. Huge – pen, crime, fever, profit
  5. Heavy – talk, furniture, smoker, joke
  6. Pay – attention, food, bus, woman
  7. Juicy – juice, novel, vegetable, chocolate
  8. Lengthy – car, meeting, aeroplane, building
  9. Great – tree, picture, detail, dog
  10. Strong – love, food, weather, coffee
  11. Beautiful – car, girl, boy, computer
  12. Seriously – well, poor, sleeping, ill
  13. Binding – force, book, pen, man
  14. Mechanical – car, chair, life, door
  15. Vast – ocean, sand, tree, road
  16. Handsome – girl, man, cat, flower
  17. Deafening – noise, song, race, silence
  18. Achieve – knowledge, success, marks, money
  19. Ride – bicycle, car, train, plane
  20. Cute – novel, child, plant, building
  21. Melodious – song, story, book, girl
  22. Key – lock, door, table, issue
  23. Bright – colour, book, car, tree
  24. Major – food, journey, work, problem
  25. Happily – married, sleeping, reading, running
  26. Deeply – courageous, concerned, developed, successful
  27. Bitterly – disappointed, tasty, hot, angry
  28. Highly – tired, successful, grateful, exhausted
  29. Sentimental – prestige, price, value, expense
  30. Sharp – turn, scale, gun, smell
  31. Spectacular – song, view, teacher, writer
  32. Lose – patience, loan, train, thinking
  33. Striking – man, gun, resemblance, rod
  34. Eradicate – poverty, taxes, violence, forests
  35. Widespread – smell, damage, picture, tree
  36. Speedy – recovery, train, music, talk
  37. Hasty – song, decision, escape, message
  38. Swift – action, escape, dance, habit
  39. Delicate – book, cat, subject, move
  40. Exciting – race, talk, dance, food
  41. Remarkable – song, failure, flower, achievement
  42. Unforgettable – experience, car, book, lunch
  43. Fond – sweet, cake, memories, person
  44. Sensitive – plant, skin, leg, look
  45. Popular – belief, iourney, hair, flower
  46. Tough – food, choice, teacher, sun
  47. Burning – rain, road, desire, food
  48. Deep – hatred, plate, stomach, box
  49. Harsh – behaviour, criticism, food, dog
  50. Bright – future, car, story, song
  51. Earth – land, water, quake, sun
  52. Charming – hot, answer, man, girl
  53. Speedy – payment, attack, progress, recovery
  54. Wrinkled – pen, face, stick, hair
  55. Table – bag, salt, paper, chair
  56. Lay – attention, notice, emphasis, order
  57. Land – lord, boundary, size, soil
  58. Book – binder, pages, size, worm
  59. Blood – bank,
  60. Self – character, colour, discipline, end
  61. Wheel – car, chair, stool, tool
  62. Leave – question, answer, box, letter
  63. Shake – legs, hands, fingers, ears
  64. Mouth – licking, drinking, watering, eating
  65. Make – money, homework, house, business
  66. Brisk – run, walk, sing, dance

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary

Jumbled Letters:

  1. Torac – Actor
  2. Eociv – Voice
  3. Fmslye – Myself
  4. Ealspe – Asleep, Elapse, Please
  5. Raelyl – Really
  6. Nntesiiegr – Interesting
  7. Rtdooc – Doctor
  8. Vtineionn – Invention
  9. Ehniorgbu – Neighbour
  10. Hyngru – Hungry
  11. Eleps – Sleep
  12. Eonrufldw – Wonderful, Underflow
  13. Gtvheyienr – Everything
  14. Anrel – Learn
  15. Dfcituilf – Difficult
  16. Retest – Tester, Retest, Setter, Street
  17. Orfeeb – Before
  18. Oocdrt – Doctor
  19. Easimkt – Mistake
  20. Ihmenstgo – Something
  21. Gteradhu – Daughter
  22. Nsrteag – Strange
  23. Ktesmai – Mistake
  24. Doogeyb – Goodbye
  25. Wllipo – Pillow
  26. Opttao – Potato
  27. Obetlt – Bottle
  28. Cuierqa – Acquire
  29. Crotcualal – Calculator
  30. Rminoto – Monitor
  31. Lapen – Panel, Penal, Plane
  32. Gmoan – Mango, Among
  33. Lsoacmosr – Classroom
  34. Rotpoin – Portion
  35. Epharcus – Purchase
  36. Gunyrh – Hungry
  37. Erletxna – External
  38. Tndoeneit – Detention
  39. Oggrsoeu – Gorgeous
  40. Itiznce – Citizen
  41. Egagar – Garage
  42. Inentca – Ancient
  43. Ccayaipt – Capacity
  44. Atrtcat – Attract
  45. Cciarurl – Circular
  46. Depeerc – Precede
  47. Sndicuot – Discount
  48. Ovaprdpe – Approved
  49. Maebelss – Assemble
  50. Aellalrp – Parallel
  51. Rreor – Error
  52. Beknoc – Beckon
  53. Sotaliry – Solitary
  54. Uirpcte – Picture
  55. Ceaep – Peace.

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary


Identify the number of syllables in each of these words:

A syllable is a word or a word segment that is pronounced as a single sound. Some words have one syllable (like cat, dog, fish, and walk). Some words have two syllables (like apple, orange, and walking). Some words have three syllables (like syllable, important, and excellent). Some words have more.

Words with one syllable:
Cake, eat, cheese, grass, sat, lap, let, red, dress, desk, web, bill, with, slip, rock, stop, hot, cop, duck, cup, mud, rush, life, world, one, you, day, heart, near, board, rich, king, ring, eye, soul, five, month, sing, death, green, pain, laugh, tree, scarce, once, work, mouth, watch, school, faith, key, smile, rock, hard, long, light, blue, leaf, peace, ago, she, etc.

Words with two syllables:
Act-or, art-ist, luck-y, loud-er, bas-ket, ar-row, af-ter, of-fice, pen-cil, pic-nic, dev-il, for-est, sleep-y, cry-ing, lem-on, en-joy, love-ly, un-fair, hap-pen, prob-lem, men-u, met-al, stu-pid, ta ble, to-tal, u-nite, va-cant, vi-rus, ma-jor, med-al, lim-it, sil-ly, hab-it, ro-tate, ze-ro, la-dy, le-gal, pur-ple, sen-tence, fool-ish, etc.

Words with three syllables:
sep-tem-ber, de-part-ment, te-le-phone, ca-me-ra, sa-tur-day, vi-ta-min, dif-fi-cult, hos-pit-al, of-fi-cer, de-tec-tive, pro-fess-or, re-dun-dant, al-co-hol, at-mo-sphere, cal-ci-um, ca-ta-lyst, di-a-gram, for-mu-la, fre-quen-cy, fre-quent-ly, ne-ga-tive, ni-tro-gen, or bi tal, ox-y-gen, phy-si-cal, po-si-tive, struc-tu-ral, tem-pera-ture, etc.

Words with four or more syllables:
Kin-der-gar-ten, in-for-ma-tion, ja-nu-ar-y, A-mer-i-can, di-sco-ver-y, col-lab-or-ation, com-ple-men-tary, con-cen-tra-tion, de-lib-er-ate-ly, de-mon-stra-tion, ef-fect-ive-ly, in-stal- la-tion, un-in-ten-tion-al, im-mor-tal-ity, en-light-en-ment, dis-in-te-grate, as-ton-ish-ment, etc.

Question 1.
Which one of these words has two syllables?
English, determine, adventure, probable.

Question 2.
Which one of these words has three syllables?
Canteen, Vanish, People, Reflection.

Question 3.
Which word has two syllables?
ball, car, love, kilo.

Question 4.
Which one of these words has only one syllable?
Ago, school, survey, topper.

Question 5.
Which one of these words has two syllables?
Table, television, student, ear.

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary


Homophones are two or more words that sound alike but that are spelled differently and have different meanings.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words:

  1. Our lunch _________ is at one o’clock. (break/brake)
  2. I ________ do it if I could. (wood/would)
  3. My things are very _________ to me. (dear/deer)
  4. He ______ English at Maharaja College. (taught/taut)
  5. I have not ________ him for years. (seen/scene)
  6. She has not __________ from her son for a long time. (heard/herd)
  7. Pour ________ water into the jug. (some/sum)
  8. It was an interesting _________ . (story/storey)
  9. The news is _______ good to be true. (to/too)
  10. Students have to obtain a no ___________ certificate from the library. (dew/due)
  11. You are not allowed to ________ western dresses at college. (were/wear)
  12. I went to the bakery to buy some ________ . (bred/bread)
  13. He was __________ sure when the classes would begin. (not/knot)
  14. He could ________ a dog barking. (hear/here)
  15. Where did the dog _______ the bone? (bury/berry)
  16. Roses are ________ all over the world. (grown/groan)
  17. He has blisters on his ________  . (feat/feet)
  18. Will you _______ me at the airport? (meet/meat)
  19. I am on leave for a __________ . (week/weak)
  20. You __________ happy. (seem/seam)
  21. There is no _________ for you to come tomorrow. (need/knead)
  22. The birds were sitting on the _______ of a tree, (bough/bow)
  23. These animals come out only at _______ (night/knight)
  24. The ________ has been pleasant during this month, (whether/weather)
  25. The lotus is the most beautiful __________ (flower/flour)
  26. Japan is known as the land of the rising _________ (son/sun)
  27. He was not sure whether he would be able to repay the _______ (lone/loan).
  28. He had ________ (been/bean) to Mysuru to purchase a site.
  29. The whole class was made to stay back for an ________ (hour/our)
  30. I won the match despite some _________ (pane/pain) in my ankle.
  31. He wants a loan to __________(by/buy) a house.
  32. It is likely to _________ (reign/rain) for some time this evening.
  33. Time and tide wait for _________ (none/nun).
  34. His son does not _________ (no/know) how to write a letter.
  35. One must _________ what one preaches, (practice/practise)
  36. He was too poor to afford even the _________ necessities of life, (bare/bear)
  37. The play is a tragedy in which the hero does not ________ at the end. (die/dye)
  38. The fishermen ________ their nets into the sea. (cast/caste)
  39. The team was __________ on winning the world cup. (complemented/complimented)
  40. His mother asked him to ___________ to her regularly, (right/write)
  41. After retiring from service. he started ________ business. (stationery/stationary)
  42. The blind cannot ________ (sea/see)
  43. The windows are made of ________ (steal/steel)
  44. I will ___________ the stock tomorrow. (cheque/check)
  45. We have the _________ selling rights of this brand of clothing, (sole/soul)
  46. She gave _________ to a girl baby. (berth/birth)
  47. They ___________ me to enter the room. (aloud/allowed)
  48. We were ____________ into confusion due to the riots in the city. (throne/thrown)
  49. He ___________ the dog to a pole. (tide/tied)
  50. Please give me a small __________ of paper (piece/peace)
  51. He tried to catch up with the rest of the competitors in the race but in _________(vain/vein)
  52. I have made a number of mistakes. (maid/made)
  53. The __________ of the tree is very strong. (route/root)

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words:

  1. We are not ________ to read _______ in the library. (aloud, allowed)
  2. The police ________ the driver as he could not __________ his car documents. (find, fined)
  3. Did you ________ the little bird that sang _______ ? (hear, here)
  4. Do ________ tie the ropes with a __________ (not, knot)
  5. The police __________ the thief hiding behind a ________ (cot, caught)
  6. Don’t fight over this broken _________ of furniture but live together in __________ (peace, piece)
  7. Every day we play for an ________ in ________ garden. (hour, our)
  8. I ________ dinner at __________ o’clock. (ate, eight)
  9. I will _________ on the _________ side of this notebook. (right, write)
  10. He is still ________ after he fell sick last _______ (weak, week)
  11. Ramesh ________ the bicycle on the busy __________ (road, rode)
  12. Sit ________ and _______ the soft music played on the piano, (here, hear)
  13. He must eat healthy food and then __________ to gain ___________ (wait, weight)
  14. He ran _________ feet to see the black _________ that had come on to the street. (bear, bare)
  15. I _________ like to sit on a stool made of (wood, would)
  16. His pet dog smells with his ________ and ________ that Suresh has come. (nose, knows)
  17. If we go to the shop, do you want _______ come _______ ? (to, too)
  18. The harmful ________ of cigarettes will ultimately _________ your health. (affect, effect)
  19. You will _______ your dog if you let him ___________ in the city. Goose, lose)
  20. “I would you to visit Maths.com,” said the teacher. “It offers some great _________” (advise, advice)
  21. The doctor plans to medicine in Mysore and hopes to build up quite a good ________ (practise, practice)


  1. allowed, aloud
  2. fined, find
  3. hear, here
  4. not, knot
  5. caught, cot
  6. piece, peace
  7. hour, our
  8. ate, eight
  9. write, right
  10. weak, week
  11. rode, road
  12. here, hear
  13. wait, weight
  14. bare, bear
  15. would, wood
  16. nose, knows
  17. to, too
  18. effect, affect
  19. lose, loose
  20. advise, advice
  21. practise, practice.

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary

Jumbled words:

Rearrange the given jumbled words into meaningful sentences:

1. flesh of house-breakers the Swami one had bitten district into the notorious of the most of.
Swami had bitten into the flesh of one of the most notorious house-breakers of the district.

2. until he asked family to around Roma’s arrived Baleshwar hang
He asked Baleshwar to hang around until Roma’s family arrived.

3. old it took of understanding negotiation to an with the man to months come
It took months of negotiation to come to an understanding with the old man.

4. family was a great about of rain there and his deal conversation
There was a great deal of conversation about rain and his family.

5. moved a later Rio en Medio my had month into friends
A month later my friends had moved into Rio en Medio.

6. monsters the three guarded bird of was said to by old happiness be
The bird of happiness was said to be guarded by three o}d monsters.

7. poor again place the suffered people in hardships that never
The people in that poor place never suffered hardships again.

8. came suddenly hurried a daring to her she home thought and
Suddenly a daring thought came to her and she hurried home.

9. irons the rest first to spend shall the of the night in man move
The first man to move shall spend the rest of the night in irons.

10. hiking there when father had an he with his been accident went
There had been an accident when he went hiking with his father.

11. for opened it if a out whole him was as world
It was as if a whole world opened out for him.

12. powers agreement to willing come the nuclear were to an three
The three nuclear powers were willing to come to an agreement.

13. his parcel boy in a large the newspaper-covered with in staggered hands
The boy staggered in with a large newspaper-covered parcel in his hands.

14. Everester the from understand above is that only an will view something
The view from above is something that only an Everester will understand.

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary


Fill in the blanks using the correct prefix to make the opposites of the words underlined:

  1. Raju is regular to school, but his friend Ramesh is __________ (irregular)
  2. Venu’s transaction was legal in all aspects but his friends’ was __________ (illegal)
  3. He used to be an active kid, but he has become quite __________ now. (inactive)
  4. Venu is happy because he came first in the running race. But Ravi is __________ because he lost the race. (unhappy)
  5. Pepe obeyed Columbus, but the seamen __________ him. (disobeyed)
  6. Most of the statements are true, but a few are __________ (untrue)
  7. I just can’t believe it! The story is __________ (unbelievable)
  8. I was willing to help him but he was __________ to accept my help. (unwilling)
  9. Venkatesh was pleased with the gift, but Raksha was __________ (displeased)
  10. Some parts are separable from the whole and some are __________ (inseparable)
  11. Raghavendra was very polite to the saleswomen, while Sudhindra was __________ (impolite)
  12. Ramachandra did not handle the case properly. We never expected him to __________ it. (mishandle)
  13. The company supplies standard products, while the local products are __________ (substandard)
  14. The rice is cooked well but the vegetables are __________ (undercooked)
  15. He should have turned it in the clockwise direction, but he turned it __________ by mistake. (anti-clockwise)

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary

One word Substitution:

Give one word for the following:

  1. Speak in a very unkind way – sneer
  2. An angry look or expression – scowl
  3. Say something not clearly enough – mumble
  4. To make movements with hands and arms – gesticulate
  5. To breathe in a noisy way – snore
  6. Move somewhere quietly and secretly – slunk
  7. Cover oneself closely – encase
  8. Lower the body close to the ground – crouch
  9. A frightening dream – nightmare
  10. Do something with no hope – desperately
  11. One who travels into a city to work each day – commuter
  12. Do something without thinking – impulsively
  13. Run very fast – sprint
  14. A stitch that is used to sew a wound together – suture
  15. unusual and attractive especially in an old fashioned way – quaint
  16. A small narrow stream or river – creek
  17. A piece of land in which fruit trees are grown – orchard
  18. A very large farm – ranch
  19. A group of people related to family that existed long ago – descendants
  20. Look at things fixedly for a long time – stare
  21. Very eager for knowledge – voracious
  22. That which cannot be satisfied – insatiable
  23. Make something better – ameliorate
  24. Liable to change rapidly – volatile
  25. Too satisfied with oneself – complacent
  26. Feeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm – excited
  27. A feeling of great pleasure – enchantment
  28. A person who is specially good at something – wizard
  29. Threads in a piece of cloth starting to come apart – fray
  30. The state of being alone – solitude
  31. High deck at the end of a ship – poop
  32. To frighten or surprise suddenly – startle
  33. To break apart – shatter
  34. To make a rapid succession of short sharp noises – rattle
  35. Large turbulent waves moving towards land – breakers
  36. Something that one enjoys during leisure time – pastime
  37. The art of producing beautiful handwriting – calligraphy
  38. A feeling of friendship when people work together – camaraderie
  39. Knowledge or information about a subject – lore
  40. Part of the spacecraft that separates from the main rocket – capsule
  41. Walk or move unsteadily – stagger
  42. Condition of being lost in dreamy, pleasant thoughts – reverie
  43. Pull or drag roughly with much effort – lug
  44. A soldier who dies for the sake of his country – martyr
  45. A person who is interested in his ow^n thoughts – introvert
  46. An area of small loose stones, especially on a mountain – scree
  47. The bottom surface of the foot – sole
  48. Filled with strong emotion – overwhelmed
  49. Having no limit – boundless
  50. A great performer, especially a musician – maestro
  51. A violent storm – tempest
  52. To talk in a slow voice – whisper
  53. A man to whom a woman is engaged to be married – fiance
  54. A person who loves his country – patriot

KSEEB SSLC Class 10 English Vocabulary

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