2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Paragraph Writing/Expansion

You can Download 2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Paragraph Writing/Expansion, 2nd PUC English Textbook Answers, Karnataka State Board Solutions help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Karnataka 2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Paragraph Writing/Expansion

I. Read the following outline and expand into a paragraph.

Trees are our best friends

Boon of life – help to satisfy our basic necessities – air, water, food, clothing, shelter – provide oxygen – absorb carbon dioxide – retain humidity – attract rain – prevent soil erosion – trees and plants provide food – provide many other useful items – reckless deforestation – world can become a desert shortly.

Trees are necessary for the ecosystem and human survival. This is because they contribute to fulfilling our basic necessities like air, water, food, clothing and shelter. In fact, trees provide the much-needed oxygen, the elixir of life, as they absorb carbon dioxide and retain humidity. Not only do trees attract rain, but also prevent soil erosion. Besides providing food, they also are a source for many other useful items. But, it is rather unfortunate that merciless deforestation still persists. However, if this continues unchecked the world will soon be reduced to a desert.

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II. Expand the following information into a paragraph.

A Anti – firecracker campaign – students – last Diwali/ Ganesha festival drastic drop in air and noise pollution – NGOs – interactive sessions – skits and street plays – rallies – creating awareness of » harmful effects of firecrackers – fight against child labour in hazardous conditions – monitoring pollution – Say No to fireworks.

Celebrating festivals with crackers has been the practice in India for ages. However, there is growing awareness of the harm done by crackers and as a result there have been many anti – firecracker campaigns. Students took an active role last Diwali in a house – to – house campaign against crackers. The fruits of their labour were seen at the time of Ganesha festival as not many crackers were burst. There was a marked drop in air and noise pollution. Many NGOs also have taken up the cause. To create awareness of harmful effects of firecrackers, the NGOs have organised interactive sessions, skits, street plays and rallies. The crusade, in a way, is a fight against child labour also as firecracker factories employ small children. It is sad that children have to work in such harmful conditions. So let us ban crackers, monitor pollution and say ‘No’ to fireworks.

B. Technological development – beneficial to making computer accurate – complex problem – human brain – intelligence – feeding – buttons – useful in predicting natural disasters – useful in areas like transport, office, industry – source of employment – may create unemployment.

Ours is an age of technology. Man is now truly the master of machines. One of the marvels of technological development is the invention of computer. Computers are beneficial in making information accurate and in solving complex problems. Though they are the invention of the human brain, their intelligence surpasses human intelligence. By feeding relevant information, just by pressing buttons, we can make the computer give us many pieces of useful information such as predicting natural disasters. Computers are useful even in areas like transport, office and industry. Computers can be considered a source of employment. However, as a single computer can do the work of many men, computers may create the problem of unemployment. This is the flip side of technological development.

III. Using the hints given, expand each of the following topics into a coherent paragraph:

1. Global warming

climate change – greenhouse gases – human activities – retreat of glaciers – melting of sea ice Global warming is the dangerous outcome of the climate change in recent times. There is ecological imbalance owing to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. The root cause of these harmful emissions is selfish human activities. Deforestation, factory affluence, urbanization, modernization have all led to pollution of the atmosphere. As a result we have witnessed the retreat of glaciers and the melting of the sea ice. If the global warming continues unabated, soon the human race will be on the verge of extinction.

2. Technology in everyday life
Role of technology – business, communication, human relationship (facebook) – education – agriculture etc.

After the industrialization that started in the 18th century, the world has never looked back. There has been technological advancement in every sphere of activity. In the fields of business, communication, human relationship, education and agriculture, the role of technology is significant. Computers have not only made business transactions easier but also expanded the horizons of networking through Face Book, Twitter etc. It’s up to every man to use technology wisely to his advantage instead of becoming its slave.

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3. Good reading habits
Reading – useful and meaningful habit – increases knowledge – expands perception – gives happiness.

Francis Bacon, the renowned English essayist, believed in the idea that reading makes a full man. Yes, indeed! Reading is a useful and meaningful habit. Its advantages are dual – fold. On the one hand if it increases knowledge, on the other it expands perception. But more than everything else, the strength of reading lies in the fact that it gives the reader immense pleasure.

4. An exciting match that I witnessed

District level Kabaddi match – between my district and neighbouring district – retained interest till end – victory oscillated – ended in draw – tiebreaker used – my district emerged winner.

I can never forget the District Level Kabaddi match that was played between my district and the neighbouring district. It was an exciting match because it retained the interest of the spectators till the end. No one could gauge which team would win as both the teams were neck to neck and victory oscillated between the two teams. Finally it ended in a draw leading to a tiebreaker. My happiness knew no bounds when our district emerged victoriously. It was truly what can be described as a nail-biting finish and all of us thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the match.

5. Travelling as a means of education

Travelling gives practical knowledge – expands one’s mental horizons – widens perspectives – tool for acquiring life skills.

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All of us know that mere reading and writing does not mean education. Education should be experiential learning if it has to be considered true education. But in the present academic set – up this is not possible. It is in this scenario that travelling gains importance. Travelling can be one way of getting educated. Instead of reading about the Red Fort, isn’t it better to go to see the Red Fort? Travelling not only gives practical knowledge but also expands our mental horizons. It widens our perspective and can be used as a tool for acquiring life skills.

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